“Something Rotten” Broadway trip review


Mike Harrington

A look into the experience of a Broadway Musical

Malvern’s Spring Broadway trip of choice, Something Rotten, was enjoyed because of the funny lines and interesting songs, and many are excited for the next trip in the fall.

The musical, Something Rotten, is about brothers Nigel and Nick Bottom, playwrights during Shakespeare’s time. They attempt to outdo the great Shakespeare by creating the next big thing in theatre, musicals.

Many enjoyed this musical because of its great comedic lines, such as freshman Jacob Springer.

“I thought it was really funny,” Springer said. “I didn’t know a musical could be that funny.”

British literature teacher Mr. Richard Roper said that the musical was a great one to put on Broadway. Roper was Malvern’s theatre director for years so he knows a good show when he sees one.

“It’s very attractive to a Broadway audience and a New York Broadway audience because it ties in a lot of musical themes and a lot of twists and turns within the plot too,” Roper said.

Not only did he enjoy the show, but also the experience itself. Roper’s favorite part of the whole experience is getting a ride on the Staten Island ferry because of the great view and the tone it sets for the whole trip.

“I like every part of it,” Roper said. “Starting with the anticipation of the bus ride up, the anxiety of whether or not we are going to make the ferry on time, which we usually do, the trip uptown to the restaurant because usually we get to go by some things.”

Seniors Ted Holleran and Matt Heisler love the trips like Mr. Roper and are sad to see them go away with their upcoming graduation.

“It’s a fun day off from school,” Heisler said. “I like the musicals so it’s pretty cool to see a high-up production.”

“All good things must come to an end,” Holleran said.

Even if they will miss them, they enjoyed the experience and were glad to get the day off. Heisler thought the musical was funny, especially his favorite character.

“I thought the younger brother was really funny,” Heisler said. “He stuttered and stuff and was like really awkward, it was funny to watch,”

While the seniors are veterans, the freshmen are much newer to the shows, especially Springer, who liked the music in Something Rotten.

“My favorite part was either the song about musicals or the song called ‘Hard to be the Bard,’ and that’s sung by William Shakespeare,” he said.

Springer also liked the references throughout the show, and he can’t wait for next year, even if he doesn’t know what show Malvern is planning on attending.