Athlete of the Issue: Vince Sposato ’17


Garrett Hallinan

SposatoJunior Vince Sposato has been helping Friar baseball win and overcome expectations.

Junior Vince Sposato cannot remember a time when he didn’t play baseball.

“I think I started when I was five years old, playing teeball,” he said.

Using the skills he has developed over the past twelve years, Vince has been a contributing member to Malvern’s varsity baseball team.

Earlier in the season, Vince had the most RBIs in the Inter-Ac. Most times, he bats eighth in the lineup. He also switches from right field to left field on defense.

“We are 14-1 so far,” Sposato said, “and we are doing amazing.”

Friars have big wins this season against Haverford School and St. Joseph’s Prep. The home game against St. Joe’s on March 26th ended in a 2-1 Friar victory. Sposato described the walk-off homerun by captain Chance DiFebbo.

“So far, my favorite memories are the three walk off hits we have had,” Sposato said. “After every walk off, we all go crazy jumping on each other.”

Encouraged by coaches, Sposato and his fellow Friars have been supportive of one another throughout the season. “We are loud on the bench cheering for our teammates. The coaches encourage us to do our best and have fun at the same time,” he said.

Led by Coach Fred Hilliard and senior captains Mason Abate, Chance DiFebbo, Brent Greeley, and Jake Mullan, the Friars have surpassed expectations set on them from other schools.

“This year was supposed to be a ‘rebuilding year’ according to other schools in the Inter-Ac,” Sposato said. “But we have overcome those expectations. We are doing well this year because all the players on the team have been so supportive of everyone else.”

Sposato believes his team has a good chance of winning the Inter-Ac, and possibly going beyond that standard.

“In our minds, we are always the front runners,” Sposato said. “Everyone is aiming for Malvern and I think we have a good chance of winning the Inter-Ac and even the independent league tournament this year.”

“On this team, each player is important. Everyone contributes to the team,” Sposato said. “Our team leaders are all of our captains and also Shane Muntz, who is probably the best player in the Inter-Ac.”

Some players have superstitions while playing their sport. In baseball, lots of guys tend to perform a certain routine that will maintain success on the mound, the field, or in the batter’s box. Sposato is one of them.

“A bunch of stuff goes through my mind,” Sposato said. “I have this thing where I have to tap the plate an even amount of times, four times usually, before I hit.”

After Sposato’s Friar career ends in 2017, it may not be his last season as a baseball player.

“I am thinking about playing in college right now,“ Sposato said. “A couple of colleges are talking to me including Villanova, St. Joe’s, and Franklin and Marshall. I am still thinking about if I am ready for that committment or not.”

Vince is grateful for the way his parents have helped him grow in his sport.

“My parents have helped me a lot,” Vince said. “They have encouraged me and they have supported me no matter what. They have made me better by getting me lessons and hitting with me.”

Vince’s favorite sport is baseball because he has the best time playing it.

“I have always played baseball,” Vince said. “It has caught on to me. It has been my favorite sport for awhile. I used to play football and basketball, but I chose baseball.”