Halloween 2016: What to expect out of this year’s Horror Movies

Alex Haylock

‘Tis the season… to watch movies that keep you up all night in fear. October is the time where arguably the best horror movies come to the theaters, and it’s important to know which ones you should anticipate the most.


“31”– This horrific tale tells the story of five carnival workers who are kidnapped and held hostage the night before Halloween. Forced by their captors, they play a horrible game of life and death called 31. The movie depicts their next 12 hours as they fight for their lives against a horde of murderous psychopaths. Rated R

“Ouija: Origin of Evil”– In 1967, a mother and her two daughters move to Los Angeles. The latest stunt they work to run their scam séance business unknowingly summons an actual malevolent spirit. Facing their worst nightmares, this family confronts the evil being that has taken control of their youngest girl. Rated PG-13

“The Windmill”– While traveling the Dutch countryside, a tour group awakens a previously unknown evil being. This is the story of the tour group taking refuge inside a barn next to a windmill, run by a devil-worshipping miller, who grinds up the bones of the locals instead of grain. Not Yet Rated

“It”– This one doesn’t even hit theaters until 2017, but it sure is one to anticipate. “It” is going on it’s second adaption, the first being a miniseries in 1990. The movie tells the tale of 7 children being tortured and terrorized by a shapeshifting being that takes the form of whatever it’s victim fears most. Horrifyingly, it most often takes the form of a clown. “It” has been in the making since the book has been released in 1986, and it’ll sure be one to remember. Rated R – No trailer yet.


“Don’t Breathe”– This movie was released in August, but it if you’re into horror, it’s definitely something you might want to watch Halloween night. A night of terror goes down when three kid-thieves break into the house of a blind war veteran. What they thought was an easy robbery quickly becomes fight for their lives, as the kids are trapped in the house of their own victim.  Rated R