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The Friar’s Lantern is a student-run publication, intended to bring news to the entire Malvern Prep community and beyond. We encourage your comments and opinions on the stories posted on the Lantern. In order to keep the discussions aligned with the mission of the school and student publications, please follow the following guidelines.

  • Each public posting represents Malvern Prep and is subject to the rules found in the Malvern Prep Student Handbook.
  • Different viewpoints and opinions are welcome, but comments must demonstrate respect. Profanity, insults, and language demonstrating intolerance are unacceptable.
  • Each comment is subject to review by a moderator or an Editor-in-Chief of the Black Friar Chronicle/Friar’s Lantern. Comments are not posted immediately—they are reviewed for defamation, profanity, or libel. Not all comments are published.
  • Please keep comments brief. If you would like to elaborate on your opinion, we encourage you to submit a guest commentary or letter to the editor at [email protected]
  • The Friar’s Lantern does not permit anonymous comments; a username must be submitted. All comment postings require a verified email address. Email addresses will not be displayed but will be used to confirm your comments.

Social Media

The Friar’s Lantern is on Twitter (@friarslantern1), Facebook (, Instagram (, and Snapchat ( The Editors-in-Chief, Social Media Editors, and Managing Editors manage the social media accounts in consultation with the adviser.Members of the Malvern community are encouraged to follow us on social media for online posting and discussion of student news.

Social media reporting is often fast-paced, but our editors do their best to ensure that posted content is accurate and verified. Any inaccurate information will be corrected, with corrections acknowledged. Social media participants must remember that anything posted in response to Friar’s Lantern social media is public and reflects on both our publication and our school. Social media replies and comments will be screened for defamation, profanity, or libel.


Online bylines include the name of the lead reporter on the story. Additional contributors are credited as authors on each post, but attribution may not appear in the online byline. All contributors are listed in the byline of stories that appear in print.

Graphics, photos, art and illustrations, and all other creative work will be given attribution. Unsigned editorials feature the byline of the Editorial Board.

Updates and Corrections  

At times, online stories will be updated as new information surfaces. Verified inaccuracies will be corrected. When this occurs, a correction will be published at the bottom of the story with the date of the most recent revision and details of the change.


In order to preserve our status as a true chronicle of events and facts around the community, the Editorial Board will not take down or edit past articles unless under extraordinary circumstances. Those circumstances are:

  • Does the content contain libel, inaccurate information, unwarranted invasion of privacy, obscenity or copyright infringement? If so, the editors-in-chief will remove this unprotected speech and add a corrections statement at the end of the article. If, after careful investigation and discussion, the editorial board feels that the article is too heavily saturated with this unprotected speech, the board may decide to take the article down entirely. The board must come to consensus to make this decision.
  • Does the content harm the reporter requesting so much that it outweighs the historical significance of the article? The editorial board will carefully investigate these two factors and determine the best course of action. If the personal damage is more than the value of keeping an accurate historical record, the article can be taken down. The editorial board would have to come to a consensus to make that decision.
  • If none of these circumstances apply to the article, the story will stay posted online.

Opinion and Editorials


Opinion pieces, including columns, blogs, editorials, and reviews, are labeled as opinion or commentary in the publication. Opinions and viewpoints expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of The Friar’s Lantern editorial staff or of Malvern Preparatory School. 


The Editorial Board is the student voice of the publication.

The unsigned editorial that appears on page 2 of The Blackfriar Chronicle each month is not an anonymous column. It represents the consensus of the entire editorial board.

As a team, we agree and stand behind every word.

The Editorial Board is a group of students composed of The Blackfriar Chronicle editors-in-chief, managing editors, chief investigative reporter, section editors, social media editor, podcast editor, a representative of the freshman class, and a representative from the Diversity Awareness Club. The group is meant to include a group of different students so all opinions and voices can be heard.

The group chooses a topic and forms a unified opinion about the selected topic for each issue. Usually the topics chosen concern pressing and controversial topics within the Malvern community; however the Board is not limited to selecting topics that fit this description. We appreciate suggestions for topics from any member of the Malvern community.

After a draft has been reviewed by all members of the Editorial Board, the Board may reconvene to reach full consensus.  If consensus cannot be reached, the column must either express this dissent in an agreeable form to all Board members, or a separate dissenting opinion may be developed.

Once the column is acceptable to all Board members, the column is published as an unsigned editorial.

The adviser is allowed to attend the meetings for supervision and guidance purposes, however the adviser does not contribute opinions or influence the members of the Editorial Board.  The column truly represents student voice and consensus.

Prior Review

As of January 2016, The Blackfriar Chronicle is under limited and specific prior review by the administration of Malvern Preparatory School.

Any story that refers to fundraising is subject to a prior review by the Head of School.

In keeping with journalistic ethics and Malvern Preparatory School’s core values, the staff will provide advance notice to the Head of the Upper School and the Director of Student Life of any sensitive topics that may be covered in each edition.

As this is a private institution, the staff must comply with the request. We are working to the standards set by the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA), and Journalism Education Association (JEA), among others, but in addition we are acting in accordance with the Malvern administration.

[learn_more caption=”Previous Policy”] As of October 2014, The Blackfriar Chronicle is under the prior review of the administration of Malvern Preparatory School.

Any article that cites an administrator is subject to a prior review by Head of School Mr. Christian Talbot to edit, delay, or pull any story that goes out. According to Mr. Talbot, information presented on the record during an interview may change prior to the newspaper’s publication. Some information could be damaging to the school if published.

As this is a private institution, the staff must comply with the request. We are working to the standards set by the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA), and Journalism Education Association (JEA), among others, but in addition will now act in accordance with the Malvern administration. [/learn_more]

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