Winter Sports Awards


Mike Droogan

Malvern recognized its athletes’ achievements during a D schedule assembly in the Duffy Center. Representatives from each team summarized their season.

The school gathered to celebrate a season that saw a 1,000 point scorer in Will Powers ’16, a 4th straight Inter-Ac Champion in the Swimming and Diving team, and two wrestling national champions in Mike Beard ’18 and Seth Janney ’17.

Swimmer and United States Military Academy Commit Aaron Salinas ’16 concluded the ceremony with a reflection on his athletic experience at Malvern and and a closing prayer.

Here are the awards given at the event:

Varsity Squash:
Sportsmanship Award: Jimmy Faunce ’16
Most Improved Award: Kevin Roussey ’16
MVP: Tommy White ’17
All Inter-Ac: Tommy White

JV Squash:
Coach’s award: Cory Kovalovich ’19

Varsity Basketball:
Sportsmanship/Leadership Award: Ryan McNulty ’16 and Mike Narzikul ’16
Most Improved Award : Mike Hollingsworth ’16
MVP: Will Powers ’16
All Inter-Ac: Will Powers (1st Team), Mike Hollingsworth (2nd Team)

JV Basketball:
MVP: Rahdir Hicks ’20

Varsity Ice Hockey:
Fr. James Flynn Award (Leading point scorer): Joey Abel ’16
Best defender: Joey D’Elia ’18
Sportsmanship Award: Skyler Davis ’16
Most Improved Award: Christian Ostrowski ’17
MVP: Matt Hollingshead ’17

JV Ice Hockey:
Coach’s Award: Charles Andress ’19

Varsity Indoor Track:
Coach’s Award: Luke Matzke ’17
Most Improved Award: Nick Villano ’18
Sportsmanship Award: Kyle Leonard ’19
MVP: Colin Wills ’16

Varsity Swimming:
Coach’s Award: Will Schaffer ’16
Most Improved Award : John Connors ’18
Sportsmanship Award: Aaron Salinas ’16
MVP: Billy Beard ’16
All Inter-Ac: Billy Beard ’16, Zach Maher ’17, Will Schaffer ’16, Aaron Salinas ’16

Varsity Wrestling:
Inter-Ac Wrestler of the Year: Michael Beard ’18
Inter-Ac freshman Wrestler of the Year: Shane Hanson-Ashworth ’19
Most Improved Award: Nick Florschutz ’19 and Henry Hague ’19
Coach’s Award: Brian Gola ’17
MVP: Michael Beard ’18
All Inter-Ac: Mike Beard ’18, PJ Crane ’18, Nick Florschutz ’19, Henry Hague ’19, Shane Hanson-Ashworth ’19, Chris Hisey ’18, Matt Lattanze ’16, Nick Lattanze ’16, Flynn Leaf ’19, Rashon Lusane ’16, Ben Touhey ’16
National Champions: Mike Beard ’18 and Seth Janney ’16