BJ Davis takes role as squash assistant coach

Ryan Maher

Rumors around campus say that assistant coach BJ Davis is an ex-Marine, and has coached world class squash players. Are these rumors true?

Malvern’s recently hired assistant squash coach, BJ Davis, is known on the team as being a dedicated, hardcore coach.

His hiring came about after head coach, Imran Khan, met with Davis over dinner in September.

Khan explained that the assistant coach at the time, Dave Lyons, was expecting a baby with his wife mid-season, and the topic of a possible coaching opportunity came up.

“Imran mentioned the idea of me returning to coach squash in our conversations, and expressed more of a need than a possible opportunity,” Davis said.

Malvern is not an unfamiliar place to Davis. “I was first an assistant squash coach at Malvern Prep going back to 2005,” he said. Returning to his old stomping grounds seemed very appealing to Davis, and so he took the offer.

Before returning back to Malvern this season, Davis has had plenty of experience in coaching and personal training. Davis has coached a number of national team players, including some of the top athletes in the world.

“During my time at Berwyn, I began training a small squad of squash pros in the area from Pakistan, England, Spain, Scotland, Germany, and the U.S.,” Davis said. However, his coaching and training career did not stop there. Davis has trained some players that have gone on to play in college, including two that captained the team at Harvard.

Davis also mentioned that at one point, he worked with U.S. national team coaches. “I started working on the U.S. Junior National Team. One of my highest coaching accolades was being the trainer of former World #1 Squash player, John White.”

Davis’ athletic career doesn’t stop at squash. He played soccer throughout high school and went on to play in college at Millersville University. Most recently, he played for West Chester United and United German Hungarians soccer clubs. “I enjoy a variety of sports besides soccer and squash, the more challenging, the better,” he said.

Davis came away from Millersville University as a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning association and earned his NSCA-CPT, a certification in personal training.

Although there are many rumors afloat, Davis was never in the military or in the Marines. However, he embraces these rumors as a compliment.

“There are some rumors afloat that I was a marine and they’re just rumors. I chalk it up to good character and good physical condition, and a good haircut,” said Davis.

Having the chance to come back and coach with Imran Khan at Malvern has been a great experience for Davis and the squash players. “I truly enjoy my coaching experience at Malvern. As a coach, one of my goals is to direct our practices in a way that’s interesting, challenging, and productive,” said Davis.

Sammy Schutz, a junior on the squash team, said that he thinks coach Davis’ style has helped the team grow as players. “Personally, I have always done best under coaches who push me to do my best, but who are also very respectful and caring. That perfectly describes BJ,” Schutz said.

Being a coach, a father of two girls, and a family worker in his family heating and cooling company, Davis Modern Heating and Cooling, can sometimes be a lot for Davis. He says that he treasures the time he has to reflect.

“Still moments can be hard to come by in today’s world, which is why I meditate and pray every time I tie my shoes, sometimes slower than others,” Davis said.