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  • J

    JohnFeb 1, 2014 at 12:36 am

    Hi Jake, thanks for taking the time
    to read this. I fully understand your complaint when I used “frat boy” to describe the type of person who would religiously read a site like BarStool as if it were presenting a viable source of news, information, and entertainment. Of course not all fraternities are filled with idiots, but the owrwhelming public perception of a frat boy is that of a young male student focused on drinking to excess and partying.Although I made this connection, in no way am I denegrating fraternities as a whole. Social clubs and closed knit groups are wonderful vehicles for making connections in college, but I think the connection of a stereotypical “frat boy” I made was indicative of the type of people who would enjoy the humor of a site like BarStool. People who enjoy low brow cheap humor aka young male twenty something’s with a “bro this site is sick, haha check out this babe they put on!” Now again, most fraternities do good and provide and excellent service for all those involved to get all they want out of college. But if you are trying to tell me that some If not most frats at colleges hold large parties and that those parties are made up of the stereotype I mentioned, then I guess I’ve been lied to by every college movie, tv show, article,or college student I’ve ever seen, read or met. So I have to stick by my statement but I see your point. I guess I could have said “the stereotypical knuckle dragging frat boy” to avoid any confusion or “some knuckle dragging frat boys”. That most likely would have cleared up any confusion. Thanks again and I hope I didn’t come off like a jerk in this comment.

  • J

    Jake McDonaldJan 31, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    I agree with some of this article, and I myself had to go to school instead of Wing Bowl when Mr. Whitney sent out an almost identical email to parents when I was a senior in 2010. But, I was a little offended when you used a derogatory term toward fraternity men. Still being in high school, you have no idea about the inner workings of a fraternity and the good service and philanthropy they do, much like Malvern Prep. I agree barstool’s article was slanderous and uncalled for, but you basically just did the same thing, insulting something or someone that you do not fully understand. What you did may be worse because that writer was representing barstool and you were representing Malvern Prep. I am not asking for an apology or anything but I suggest you watch your words when you write articles that anyone can see.


    “Knuckledragging Fratboy”

    PS It might surprise how many Malvern Prep alums join fraternities

  • A

    AnonymousJan 31, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    As a Malvern graduate who didn’t skip school to go to wing bowl I can say I regret that decision to go to class more than any other I’ve made in my life.

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