Mills Leads Concussion Forum

Joe DiSipio

As the football world focused on its annual showcase, the NFL playoffs, the Sports Medicine department discussed an issue of grave importance.

On January 8th, before a small crowd in the Duffy Center, head Athletic Trainer Bill Mills led a forum centered on concussions. Along with Dr. Kevin Walsh and learning specialist Ms. Brenda Eaton, Mr. Mills helped the audience to better understand concussions, their symptoms, and their treatment.

Dr. Kevin Walsh has been the athletic program’s team doctor for about 12 years. Walsh offered the perspective of a medical professional on the traumatic injuries. He explained the protocol for identifying and treating concussions as established by the Fourth International Conference on Concussions, held in Zurich in 2012.

Dr. Walsh is only one member of the Concussion Team, which is rounded out by Mr. Mills, Mrs. McGettigan, Mrs. Cox, Dr. Sayers, and Ms. Eaton. These are the corps of advocates for students who suffered concussions. They treat, monitor, and aid any student who have experienced this traumatic injury.

“The future is now.” Mr. Mills was also proud to announce that along with working with Ms. Eaton and the Chester County Intermediate Unit, Malvern will soon become the Malvern Prep Sports Medicine and Research Center. As Mills pursues his doctorate, he will push one step closer to being on the forefront of concussion treatment and education.

Partnered with CHOP and the University of North Carolina, Mills will guide research done by Malvern students to benefit the study of concussions. One such research study will soon begin with the use of g-force monitors placed inside the helmets of lacrosse and football players. Mr. Mills and his team will study patterns of head trauma in practices and games.

Though the crowd was small on January 8th, the Concussion Management forum was a huge step in the groundbreaking developments to come as Malvern moves to the forefront in the field of concussion treatment and research.