Malvern joins Villa Maria Academy for Mock Car Crash


Chase Bennett

Students and faculty of both schools took an in-depth look at what a real life DUI car crash would like.

On April 12, Malvern juniors and seniors bussed over to Villa Maria Academy to join Villa students to experience a mock car crash. Students left after homeroom and returned before fourth block for lunch.

Prior to the demonstration, Villa Maria’s Principal Sister Regina Ryan I.H.M., briefed the spectators on the situation. Six students participated in the mock crash to play various drivers, victims and passengers. Members of the Malvern Police and Fire Departments assisted the actors during the demonstration as well. Spectating students were moved by the dramatic and vivid experience including the simulated deaths of their fellow classmates and friends.

Following the outdoor portion, the students went inside to listen to speakers from Bryn Mawr Rehab and their Cruisin’ Smart program. Speakers Dan and his father David Perrino gave their first-person experiences with drunk driving after Dan was involved in an accident in 2009.

Dan told the story of how he left a friend’s party drunk to drive his friend home, and instead he crashed into a boulder and swerved into a telephone pole. Dan was left with a partially deaf left ear and a partially blind left eye. He was left with only 70% usage of his right side and had to relearn many basic motor skills including walking, talking, reading and writing.

Scroll through the photos to see scenes from the event.