Justice Bennett

The Malvern student body has taken to a new activity in swarms. Take a guess what it is?


Despite your likely guess, it’s not a sport played out on the athletic field or the newest game on your mobile device…its chess. Yes….CHESS. Throughout the entire day, the Learning Commons is filled with crowds of students huddled around intense chess matches.

Suddenly, the determinant of a person’s intelligence is being measured by his chess playing ability. Each and every day, new students are trying to pick up the game to compete with their peers. Students are challenging each other to try and prove themselves the smarter.

It has become a game not for the stereotypical nerds, but everyone. Sparked by a love for competition and bragging-rights, this phenomenon has become, as senior Brendan Hallinan noted, a massive “chess explosion.”  Chess has become “cool” for the first time since who knows when. Lately, its not “what’s your high score on ________?”, but rather, “Guess who I just beat in chess?”.

“It’s exciting to see so many students be enthusiastic about chess,” said Mr. Rogai, moderator of the occasionally-sleepy Chess Club.  “It is nice that students are able to go in and grab a board and some pieces and play with their friends at any time during the day, and that it is available for them, even when they cannot make our club’s meetings.”

So, the next time you are in the LC, take a step back and realize just how crazy this movement has become.  It is now rare to step into the LC and not see two students locked in an intense chess match.  If you haven’t played yet, then I challenge you to go check out the game and join the fad. Challenge your friends or even challenge your teachers (often these are the most fun).