NHS Requirement Changes

Mike Higgins

The NHS has decided to change some admission prerequisites which could affect the current freshman class


The National Honor Society has decided to change their admission requirements beginning next year. The current requirements are achieving a 3.65 GPA, taking 6 honors classes, and completing an interview process with a faculty member and NHS moderator Mrs. Eileen Day. The new changes raise the GPA requirement to 3.85, but the rest of the qualifications remain the same.


The shift really doesn’t take effect until the 2015-16 school year because the sophomores and juniors applying next year will be grandfathered in under the old stipulations. Therefore the current freshman will be first class held to the new standards that were recently enacted.


The change was entirely member-initiated, and the current members did all the research to determine what the new standards would be. They reached out to other Club 14 schools, a group of private schools including the Inter-Ac schools, Villa Maria, St. Joe’s Prep, LaSalle, and the Hill School among a few others, to see what their NHS requirements are.


After polling these other schools and discussing it with Mrs. Day, they came up with the 3.85 GPA requirement. Finally the members reached out to Mrs. Feeney and Mr. Algeo for final approval.


NHS President Luke Bushner said, “I fully support the changes. I feel that raising the standards of the NHS will benefit both the present and future members as it even more so highlights their academic accomplishments in the classroom and promotes an even higher level of achievement.”


Sophomore Michael Droogan said, “I think it makes the NHS a more prestigious achievement, but it will definitely cut down the field for the candidates drastically.” Currently close to a third of the junior class members would not have been able to apply due to the GPA increase.