Student of the Issue: Patrick Carbone ’20


Braden Kovalovich

Some students who have heavy work loads tend to take shortcuts, but Pat Carbone is different.

Junior Pat Carbone started his Malvern Prep journey in sixth grade. He plays squash, takes 2 AP courses, and is always working to improve himself.

“I want to feel good about myself and be my best self every day. The only way to achieve that is through hard work and dedication,” he said.

Handling an immense workload requires excellent time management and a strong work ethic, a task Carbone has admirably risen up to throughout his years at Malvern Prep.

From Varsity squash to AP Chemistry, life is never dull for Carbone. Balancing his two AP courses, test prep, varsity squash, his physical and mental health, and Eagle Scouts is no small task, and Carbone sets an example of a hard-working student that everyone should follow.

“I just want to get everything out of Malvern that I can,” Patrick said. “I’ve been given so much and I want to make everyone counting on me proud.”

His academic record is impressive as he has never missed a distinguished honors award. He has plans of pursuing a career in medicine and hopes to train to become an ER doctor or trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins.

“Medicine is fascinating, and I want to be in a line of work that helps people,” he says.

He takes his physical health seriously and spends almost four hours daily at Fairmount Athletic Club practicing working out squash, a sport that’s a big part of his life.

“It’s a very rewarding, intense, and fun sport, and it’s allowed me to meet so many new friends,” he said.

Carbone stresses the importance of being passionate about what he is doing and working hard until he accomplishes his goals.

“If something is difficult in my life, I don’t ignore it. I try to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I find it more productive then procrastination,” he said.

On top of squash and school work, Carbone finds time for his other hobbies. Ever since he was little, he loved to go camping. Through years of experience, he has made many friends and learned to appreciate nature on a different level. This manifested into his years as a Cub Scout, and eventually an Eagle Scout.

“I love spending time in the wilderness,” he said. “Learning survival skills is incredibly interesting.”

Pat also stressed the importance of having downtime to decompress and enjoy life. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and tries to see them as much as possible despite his busy schedule.

“I always make time to hang out with friends and just relax. It helps me focus when things get a bit crazy.”

A combination of proper time management, hard work, and determination has led Patrick Carbone to a fruitful and fulfilling Malvern experience, and he has high hopes for the rest of his time here at Malvern and beyond.