Paulina Signs With The San Diego Padres

Josh Paulina ‘20, speaks on his recent decision to forego the University of Pittsburgh and sign with the San Diego Padres.

Matt Powers, Senior Writer and Editor

For the right-handed flamethrower, signing for a professional baseball organization was a dream come true, one that he worked hard to achieve everyday.

“It (signing with the Padres) was one of the best feelings in my life. My family, friends, teammates, and former coaches were all supportive and it was one of the best days of my life,” Paulina said.  

More importantly, signing with the Padres achieved his dream of becoming a professional ballplayer. Making a major league roster is extremely difficult due to the small rosters and brutal minor league lifestyle, causing many to find another path to success. But, Paulina is special and has set more goals to attack in the minor league system.

“My dream is to play pro baseball, which I am fulfilling now at a young age. My main goal is to work through the minor league system and progress onto the main roster, ” he said.

During his four years of varsity baseball, Paulina dominated on the mound during his time at Malvern, earning the nickname “Gasolina.” Although he was unable to lead the Friars to their fourth consecutive state championship this past season, he appreciates all that Malvern has done for him both as a student and a young man.

“Malvern baseball formed the player and the young man I am today. All of the coaches are amazing and they not only make you a better ballplayer but a better man which is more than I could ever ask for in a program. I would not be where I am today without Malvern Baseball,” said Paulina.

Currently, Paulina is working out and training before he reports to Arizona in October. This season is very unique due to COVID-19, which has impacted our lives tremendously for the last six months, giving Paulina, and the rest of us, more time at home.

“I am assigned to the Padres rookie ball team where everyone starts off at. If COVID was not a thing this year, I would have been off in rookie ball a few days but since COVID is spreading I report to Arizona in the start of October,” he said. “This summer I have mostly been training for the next season and wishing my friends the best of luck as they go off to college.”

Since Paulina’s main focus is on the diamond, he will be unable to attend the University of Pittsburgh but intends to go back to school once his career is over.

“I think school can wait a little bit until I am older. I will be taking some Spanish classes because most of my teammates are overseas and speaking a second language is something I’ve always wanted to do. But school will always be there in the future, my priority right now is baseball,” he said.