World AIDS Day hosted at Malvern

Malvern Prep and Siloam Ministries work together to educate Malvern students on the disease.

Stephen Bennett, Contributor

Malvern recognizes World AIDS Day yearly, however, Malvern has plans that stick to the COVID-19 guidelines while continuing to recognize World AIDS Day.

On AIDS Day, Malvern recognizes the disease that is relevant throughout the world. Malvern understands that organizations and schools are the main contributors to AIDS awareness and wants to contribute.

Head of School Father Donald Reilly shared what Malvern does on campus for world AIDS Day.

“On Friday, December 4th, there was a dress down day and the proceeds went to Siloam to support their programs for those living with AIDS,” Reilly said. 

Confounding Siloam in August of 1995 with Sister Bernadette Kinniry, Reilly further explained what the local organization is when speaking about the organizations Malvern supports.

“Malvern has supported Siloam Ministries located in Philadelphia for the past twenty five years in raising funds, hosting christmas parties for children afflicted by the virus, and walking in the AIDS Day event,” Reilly said.

Ms. Danielle Suber, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion shares similar views with Reilly on supporting organizations that help and support people with AIDS.

“Awareness is key and that is why it was important for us to have events this year that allowed our community to listen, learn and reflect. There is always something new you can learn or ways to educate yourself,” Suber said.

Students, teachers, and faculty have been spreading awareness for the event in school. Reilly went on to share his thoughts regarding the need for the day.

“World AIDS Day should continue to be held because it reminds us that AIDS is still a major health problem in other parts of our world as well as in our own country. Much good has happened medically to eliminate AIDS as a ‘death sentence’, but the stigma remains,” Reilly said.

Suber had a similar response, “I do believe it is a day our community should come together in unity,” she said. “HIV/AIDS is no respecter of persons. This disease can affect anyone and by educating ourselves and being proactive about knowing your status is key to prevention.”

Malvern as a school listens, learns, and reflects with events and concerns that need the spread of awareness. World AIDS Day is just one event out of many others that Malvern shows awareness for in the community. For Reilly, Malvern’s goal is to follow the words of Christ in helping others with AIDS.

“As a faith community, Malvern should stand with those who are in need of what Christ said to us: ‘Whatever you do to the least among you, you do to me,’’’ Reilly said.