Student of the Issue: Jayln Evans ‘22

Evans, a junior at Malvern Prep, has been nominated for an award for the leadership qualities he displays in his everyday life at Malvern

Luke Gueriera, Contributor

Evans has always exemplified strong characteristics that exceed the normal expectations for an average high school student. Through his notable leadership around campus, Jay has been nominated for High School Leadership Awards by Widener University & NBC10.

The award nominees are from schools across the area in the eleventh grade, who have been nominated by their teachers.

“They recognize students who show undeniable leadership attributes, courage, and display the feeling of community to anyone they meet,” said Evans.

The nomination was not just handed out blindly because Jay illustrates all of those qualities required through the various things he is involved in at Malvern. 

“I have been a member of the Student Council since freshman year and am a part of the Adelphia Society for mentoring my freshmen brothers,” said Evans.

Evans has also made great strides in athletics as he has played football and basketball for Malvern. Not only has his hard work been paying off during competition, but he is seen as a vocal leader from his peers off the field as well. Although this is proof enough of his leadership, some of his most notable accomplishments have taken place in his clubs.

“I am a member of the Diversity Club and an active contributor of the [email protected] event. My freshman year I even ran my own classroom while it was common to be in groups for the event,” said Evans.

Not only do his actions attest to his nomination, but his character continues to display the kind of person he is.

“I am appreciative and humbled that my hard work is being recognized. I always want to help people, that’s just who I am,” said Evans when asked how he felt after receiving the nomination.

Evans admits that he has had outstanding guidance and role models along the way that helped shape him into the man he has become.

“Coach [Dante] Coles has been a genuine role model for me because he pushes me on and off the field to be the best person I can be. He is filled with wisdom, well respected, and truly a stand up guy, which speaks volumes about the kind of person he is and inspires me to lead that way as well,” said Evans when asked who has guided him through his leadership journey.

Furthermore, if Evans is given the Leadership Awards, he will earn more than just the honor.

“With the award comes admission into the Apogee Leadership Scholar Program at Widener, $20,000 dollars over four years towards school at Widener, and being officially honored at their award show in spring [of] 2021,” said Evans.

With the entire support of Malvern, everyone truly hopes Evans is bestowed this award. Through his integrity and commitment to helping others, he is genuinely a model student for anyone, especially through his display of humility surrounding this nomination.

“Even if I didn’t get nominated, I would continue to lead, be helpful in my community, and always be there for my Malvern brothers,” Evans said.

On Monday January 25th, Jay Evans was awarded the High School Leadership Award by Widener University and NBC10. Congratulations Jay!