Athlete of the Issue: Max Robinson

Malvern’s best Pole Vaulter, Max Robinson ’22 prepares for the spring season.


Matt Hess, Managing Editor

Robinson started his freshman year of Track and Field believing he would be a runner. After a few practices and his attention being pulled toward jumpers, Robinson began training as a pole vaulter.

“I started distance [running] and I really didn’t like it. I was not very fast and we had a lack of jumpers, so I figured I’d give it a shot,” Robinson said. 

Going on his third-year pole vaulting, Robinson discusses the difficult aspects of the sport.

“The most difficult part is probably just thinking about everything at once. If you start thinking about later parts of the jump when you’re running, you’re not going to hit the right mark,” he said.

After countless competitions and regular new personal records, Robinson reflects on his favorite part of the sport.

“I think hitting a new mark or jumping at a new height is the most rewarding part. Once you clear that bar, it’s time to think about the next one,” Robinson said.

The pandemic has been a burden for athletes around the globe. Robinson noted that he had a particularly hard time practicing and finding meets during the winter. 

“I’ve had to be virtual for a while, and I’ve had to go out of state to find meets, which makes me miss time to practice,” he said. “Overall, I did not have too much time to practice.”

Longing to compete, Robinson jumped two meets in Virginia and a few at a club around the Malvern area, reaching a new personal record.

“At the first meet in Virginia, I got hurt. The other one I set my PR at 13’6”. At the two Philly Jump meets I tied my PR again at 13’6”,” he said.

Robinson is ready for the spring season and is not only excited about his future as a pole vaulter but looks forward to seeing his teammates excel.

“I want to hit the outdoor Malvern record, so I would have to jump 14’3”. I also want to see Joe [Lister] and [Loius DelFra] do well,” Robinson said.