Student of the Issue: Nolan Horan

Nolan Horan is involved in the stock market club, the math center as a tutor, and MECO as a leader.


Stephen Bennett, Contributor

Nolan Horan, a junior at Malvern Prep has been working with Mr. John Ostick in the stock market club, as well as working with students in the math center, and being active in MECO.

“MECO is an amazing experience, and while I can’t say much about our plans for the upcoming year, I can say I am excited for the class of 2022 to have their MECO experience next year.” Nolan said.

When talking about his experience with the stock market club so far, Nolan emphasized the excitement he had for the club and the success of his team this year, to the point where he hopes to compete in the club and help run it with Economics teacher Mr. John Ostick next year.

The Stock Market Club has been a very exciting month and a half so far, the team I’m on is having great success and we are on track to breaking Malverns record of $780,000. Our goal is to turn the $100,000 we started with into one million. I hope to compete in the game and help run it during the fall and spring game next year as a senior,” Horan said.

Nolan also thinks that more students at Malvern should be encouraged to join the stock market club.

“Also I think that  more students should definitely compete in the game, It’s a great way to understand the stock market and experiment with investing and investing strategies, even if you’re not super interested in the market. It’s also a good way to spark your interest without spending real money,” Horan said.

Nolan also mentioned that the math center is for anyone and everyone, no one needs to be failing or in need of it to use it as a resource. Also said that the most seen topics for help in the math center are geometry and algebra questions.

“The math tutoring center is a club designed to help people who are struggling in a certain subject, and we mostly see geometry and algebra students. I think right now It’s important for us to get the word out about the club and the benefits of coming to the center If you are struggling with a topic. The tutors in the center are all fellow students so it’s low pressure and you don’t need to be failing a class to come in, you can come in for small topics you may not fully understand or even just help with a homework assignment,” Nolan mentioned.

When further asked about his role in the stock market and if more students should be encouraged by his involvement in the club, he further explained his reasoning behind the decision.

“It’s important to be involved with clubs at Malvern, there’s so many for you to look at and almost a guarantee that there is one you would be interested in. The most important thing is that when you find a club you’re interested in you get involved, not just show up to meeting’s but make change in the club, even if your not in a leadership role within the club you still can have and impact and prepare to take that role and you put more time into the club.” Horan said.