Teacher of the Issue: Mrs. Mary Fran Frankenheimer

With the start of this academic school year, Malvern Prep has made several changes with their staff, one of them being a position change for Mrs. Mary Fran Frankenheimer.


Frankenheimer has built close bonds with many of Malvern’s athletes over the years, but a new position change will cause a shift in scenery and a new experience for her to try out. 

Frankenheimer came to Malvern Prep around six years ago, and started working in the athletic office; this transitioned into being the Associate Athletic Director, a title which she held up until this past fall. 

Frankenheimer, who has been part of Malvern’s community in many different ways, has been heavily involved with Malvern’s athletic department for quite some time. This past year, she transitioned to her role as Director of Alumni and Parent Relations. 

Having had family members attend Malvern, Frankenheimer has been exposed to Malvern long before she began to work here, and she knew it would be a great fit. 

“When the job had been posted, it was extremely appealing to me because my husband is in a graduate class of 1987, and my brother is class of 1980,” Frankenheimer said. “As a child, I had been on this campus a good amount attending athletic events for those two people, so it just seemed like the right transition at the right time.”

When Frankenheimer first started working at Malvern, she worked in the athletic office, starting with Assistant to the Athletic Director, and then moving to Associate Athletic Director.

“Working in athletics was definitely a draw for me… [and] athletics have always been a huge part of my life,” Frankenheimer said.

It was for this reason that Frankenheimer was originally attracted to choosing her career.

Having been in her new position, in the Development office, for a few months, Frankenheimer is beginning to adjust to her role and the responsibilities that come with it. As Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Frankenheimer deals a lot with reaching out to past students and those involved in Malvern’s community. 

“Fostering new relationships [with the alumni and parents], and keeping them engaged with what is happening at Malvern, [and] showing Malvern’s appreciation for their involvement,” she said. 

One of the many tools Mrs. Frankenheimer uses as the Director of Alumni and Parent Relations is the platform called Alumni Fire. This platform allows for Malvern alumni to connect with each other, and even current Malvern Prep students to connect with alumni. 

Frankenheimer has been introducing this platform to the current students at Malvern Prep, expressing its importance to them. 

“It was important to educate the current students on how the platform will benefit them as they graduate, [and how it helps] form connections with Malvern Alumni, using those connections can help them in their professional life, and post Malvern life,” Frankenheimer said.

“I think it’s a job that involves people, and a [large] challenge has been COVID,” Frankenheimer said. 

Frankenheimer described how COVID regulations have pushed a lot of her meetings virtual, which was a challenge, however, she looks forward to forthcoming in person with the Malvern community.