Teacher of the Issue: Mr. Joseph Quinlan

Six months ago, Mr. Quinlan became a new math teacher at Malvern. He also teaches Business Ethics with Dr. Quinn.


Patrick Smith, Contributor

Quinlan hopes all his students will leave his classes with skills they can apply to other courses and hopefully a future job. 

“I have been working at Malvern for the last six months, and I previously taught science at St. Joe’s Prep,” Quinlan said.

He has gone from teaching a science course to teaching math, which has been a big change for him. 

“I was used to teaching science with some math here and there but never a full math course. It wasn’t too hard for me to adapt to but it’s something I’ve never done before,” Quinlan said.

Quinlan taught a wide range of students at St. Joe’s, but now he teaches juniors and seniors.  

“At St. Joe’s Prep, I taught classes for third graders and for seniors. I had to teach every class with a different approach. With a class centered more around juniors and seniors, it’s definitely easier to teach,” Quinlan said. 

Quinlan has only been at Malvern for a short time, but he hopes that his students will gain valuable skills from his class. 

“I hope to have all my students or at least the majority of my students do well and be able to leave this course with some good transferable skills that they could apply to either their coursework in college or hopefully a job later down the line, particularly when it comes to analytical thinking, or critical reasoning,” Quinlan said. 

While Quinlan has only been at Malvern for half a year, he hopes that his students are successful and can apply their skills to the real world.