Student Council Dedication

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, Malvern Prep welcomes a new Student Council Executive Board, all while honoring and giving thanks to the current administration for their hard work and dedication.


Left to right: C. Datz, S. Petricca, B. Offshack, J. Onderdonk

After a year like no other, the current Student Council President and Vice President reflect on what this year has meant to them as they show their appreciation to all those helping them along the way. With the current executive board finishing up their final days at Malvern we look to our next Student Council President and Vice President and hear them reflect on the upcoming year and the exciting events they have in store. 


Dear Malvern,

“It has been a pleasure for the two of us to serve as the president and vice president for the 2020-2021 school year. Malvern has been a very special place for us over the last four years, a place that has become like a home away from home. From all of the friendships we’ve gained, knowledge we have accumulated, and all else that Malvern has given us, serving on student council has been one of the most rewarding experiences because it gave us an opportunity to give back to the place and all the people that have made these last four years so special for us. When the year started, we both had no idea what to expect, but we knew we wanted to give the students a feel of normalcy whenever we could. With safety being our first priority, we were limited in the activities we could initiate. However, we were able to successfully run events such as the dodgeball tournament and a free throw competition between homerooms. We would not have been able to have any of the success we had without the help of all of our other student councils members, the help and guidance of our moderators, Mrs. Peslak and Dr. Dlugos, and of course, the support and participation of our classmates. 

Reflecting back on the past year, we want to echo the message. Maximize the time and opportunities you have at Malvern. We know that school can at times be boring and repetitive, but only having two weeks left in our senior year, we realize that those are times that you are going to miss when it’s all said and done. Cherish every sports game, every theater production, and everyday on campus because as we learned last year, it can be taken away in a heartbeat. 

After hearing that Sonny and Brennan would be taking over next year, we were both very excited. We can both honestly say that Sonny and Brennan are great fits for their positions and that they will do an excellent job. If there is any advice we could pass along to the two of them, it would be to use all of the tools at your disposal. Dr. Dlugos, Mrs. Peslak, and all your other student council members are great resources for you to use to accomplish your goals. To try to do everything on your own would be a nearly impossible task, so do the most that you can, but don’t be afraid to ask those people for help because they were a huge help to us all year.”


Josh Smith and Fran Oschell

Student Council Vice President and President 2020-2021


On behalf of the Friar’s Lantern, we would like to thank Fran and Josh for their tireless devotion to Malvern Prep and the community as a whole. We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication this past school year as you both put your best foot forward trying to maneuver the obstacles that came your way and doing your best to make the school a better place. 

We wish you both the best of luck!


Dear Malvern,

The two of us have been talking about running student council since our middle school days, and it’s amazing to finally see our dreams come to fruition. We couldn’t have a better time to be taking office with the end of the pandemic in sight and a clean slate to work with. We have both agreed on the importance of the traditions we all have grown to love, and it will be essential to instill these ideas into the underclassmen as we make our exit from the upper school. We are adamant about bringing back events like the talent show, homecoming, and amazing student sections, all things that make Malvern what it is. As we hope to bring back the fundamental traditions to our community, we will continue to implement ideas of our own. We will do our part to make our community what it was before the pandemic and more, and we couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity. Friar Nation, let me paint a picture for you right now. It’s the Friday of Spirit Week 2021 and Dougherty is packed to the brim, not a mask in sight. The lip sync competition just came to an end, as Bomberger exits victorious, after his rendition of “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida captivated the entire crowd. Everyone is decked out in Malvern gear, patiently awaiting the start of the free throw competition. There’s a buzz in the air on South Warren, a certain buzz that hasn’t been felt at Malvern for over a year and a half. Quigley and everything surrounding it is covered in Navy Blue and Grey, in preparation for homecoming festivities and alumists to come back to their old stomping grounds. The Friars got the Churchmen coming to town tomorrow afternoon and everyone is having visions of storming the field after a huge win or making the big play to send the student section into a frenzy. The faculty is preparing for a rowdy group of young men to blow the roof off of O’Neil during the homecoming dance, through mosh pits and a robust amount of axe body spray. This dream will finally become a reality again this fall. We’re looking forward to seeing a normal campus again, and being able to bring back all of the fun events like homecoming. Both of us already have a bunch of new and creative ideas that we want to put into motion next year to make the school year unique and make up for the lost time over the past year and a half. We won’t let you guys down. Buckle up.”


Sonny Petricca and Brennan Offshack 

Student Council President and Vice President 2021-2022


On behalf of the Friar’s Lantern we would like to thank Sonny and Brennan for their enthusiasm and leadership of taking on these important roles for the Malvern community. It will be no easy task but under your leadership, we will be in good hands. We cannot wait to see what next year brings, but we know with you both taking charge our future will be bright.