New Teacher: Mr. Andrew Goyer

In only a few short months, Goyer has his sights set on making an impact on the Malvern community, educationally and spiritually.

Drew Kennedy, Contributor

Mr. Goyer, a Providence College Graduate and campus minister intern at Villanova, was looking for a school with strong Augustianian values and found his place at Malvern

“I was looking for a school that was very serious about the care of its students…this place really has a sense of mission,” Goyer said.

As a new member of the Malvern community, Goyer discusses what stands out to him most

“[The students] respond well to the mission of the school and they’re very engaged in the Brotherhood in the culture and being a part of this community,” he said.

After settling into a teaching role, Goyer explains how he can impact students in and outside the classroom.

“I hope that students realize I’m an approachable person and when they have problems in their lives and wonder where God is present in those issues, they can talk to me, or I could just be there to listen to them while they’re going through that,” Goyer said.

Goyer, a former intern at Villanova, reflects on his time there.

“I would be working with undergraduate students, and we would just meet and I would be running Bible studies and small groups and retreats,” he said.

Goyer, ready to spread the word of God at Malvern, looks back on how he did so at Villanova.

“My first step was to sit down with people and talk about their own journeys and questions and try to find their own identity with faith. If that is something they want to adopt and so then what does that mean for them and what does it look like,” Goyer said.

Through his peers and mentors on campus, Mr. Goyer was able to find his calling.

“I was very involved in that campus ministry, doing service, and helping with their liturgies. The campus ministers that I met were very concerned with my own spiritual journey, and helped me sift through bigger questions like what’s my purpose and what’s God’s plan for me.” Goyer explained, “I found it super engaging and realized it was what I wanted to do.”