New Teacher: Mr. Michael Perry

Even though he is one of Malvern’s newest teachers, Perry is already teaching three types of classes, and ready to be involved in the Malvern community.

Matthew Gallo, Media and Culture Editor

After coming from teaching at Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia, Perry is ready to start his teaching career at Malvern Prep. 

“[This term] I’m teaching environmental science and engineering, and I’m excited to get involved with the community,” Perry said.

When asked what were some factors that made Malvern more appealing than other schools, Perry had a very interesting answer. 

“I’ve heard really great things about this school, and I love all the mission trips you guys do,” Perry said. “I think it’s great that [the Malvern] community helps out other people in other states and around the world. You also get to experience different cultures, and learn different beliefs and backgrounds, which is really awesome.”

Starting this year, Perry is ready to work here, and he is pleasantly surprised with the facilities and his room.

“I am extremely excited to teach science here. I was very impressed when I was here for my interview. When they showed me my classroom, I definitely felt that it was the best room on campus, and I feel like I couldn’t ask for anything more,” Perry said.

Perry has a good idea of what he wants to continue to pursue at Malvern. 

“I would imagine I’ll probably keep Environmental [science] because I have two different sections, AP and honors,” Perry said. “I think if something would change it would be engineering; I am working with Dr. Quinn and Mr. Osinski, and I think it was just for some experience to see how senior teachers run their classes.” 

Perry explains that Malvern has been very helpful in his transition, and even though he was a little nervous at first, he is now settling into his role.

“There’s always a little bit of stress involved with new colleagues and new environments; getting used to the new schedule took me a little bit, but I’m really excited to get involved, and hopefully help on some of the mission trips [Malvern] offers.” Perry said. “Adjusting to Malvern has been really easy because of the amount of people who were willing to reach out and offer a helping hand.”

Perry is very excited to work at Malvern, and he is hoping to get involved and benefit the community.