Teacher of the Issue: Mrs. Kim Krause

Mrs. Kim Krause, Malvern’s new Middle School Learning Specialist and mother of four current Malvern students, hopes to “make an impact and a difference” in every student’s learning journey.


Ryan McLaughlin, Contributor

This school year, Malvern welcomed Mrs. Kim Krause as the new Middle School Learning Specialist. Krause explains that working at Malvern was an easy choice for her. 

“I have been fortunate to be a part of the Malvern community for the past seven years, as all my boys have attended since middle school. I began volunteering and took any opportunity to be involved as a parent that was offered. I immediately felt at home and part of a very special community which led me to apply for this position,” Krause said. 

Before Malvern, Krause found her passion exploring the science behind education at an early age.

“Conestoga, [where I went to high school], had a program for seniors the last month of school called Career Elective. I was always intrigued by my family friend’s profession…I shadowed her for a month and decided to pursue schools that had the Speech Pathology major, which narrowed down my search…Loyola [University] was a perfect fit,” Krause said. 

Krause would go on to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Speech Pathology at Loyola. In the final year of her Master’s program, she worked at Paoli Hospital, which would pave the way for her first job as a member of the Traumatic Brain Injury Unit at Bryn Mawr Rehab. Krause explains that after several years, she became very interested in the acquisition of language development in children and she decided to specialize in working with kids with language based learning differences, specifically dyslexia. 

She would go on to work at several different schools and even start her own private practice. It was then that she realized her strengths in working with children and adolescents and her purpose in helping them on their learning journey.

“I have a true affinity for working with children and adolescents [and I help] them understand their learning styles and how to succeed in their academic career,” Krause said.

When Malvern was seeking a learning specialist for the middle school, Krause applied without hesitation. With her love for the Malvern community and her passion for working with children and adolescents in helping them along their learning journey, it was an easy decision to apply. She explains that her new role in the Malvern community is an important one.

“The Middle School Learning Specialist at Malvern is a newly established role which falls under the counseling department.  I am a member of the middle school team and work collaboratively with Mr. [Will] Haus.  I work with any middle school student that requires any type of support…[to enable them] to be successful in the classroom,” Krause said. 

Krause says she hopes the position will be beneficial for the whole community.

“I hope to make an impact and a difference in my student’s learning journeys. I would love to eventually create a learning center as a place where students can come to be in a quiet environment but also consult with myself or the Upper School Learning Specialist for support,” she said.

In her new position, Krause hopes to make an impact on the lives of many students at Malvern for years to come.