Athlete of the Issue: Quinn Dougherty

Starting varsity defenseman Quinn Dougherty ’22 helps cement Malvern Prep Ice Hockey as the third-best team in the state.


Starting his time on the ice at the age of four, Dougherty fell in love with hockey at a young age.

“My mom would take me every Wednesday to the rink near my house after I was done preschool,” Dougherty said. “Ever since, I’ve played for an organized club team.”

Dougherty’s love for hockey also stems from his relationship with his father. 

“My dad and I would watch Flyers games when I was really young. I had no idea what was going on in the beginning but I loved it. That’s when I fell in love and now I love the competitive nature of it,” he said.

As a captain, Dougherty is an integral part of the ice hockey team, helping them achieve their current record of 10-3. He enjoys the team environment and appreciates the bond they all share.

“The guys are getting along in the locker room on and off the ice which is always good because that’s how you win championships,” Dougherty said.

Additionally, Dougherty plays for the Junior Flyers, a highly competitive club team that has a very rigorous schedule.

“Practices are usually Monday through Friday, usually an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Then mix in Malvern games during the week and then two to three games on the weekends, so it never really stops,” he said. 

The intense schedule helps Dougherty mold his game and play well throughout the lengthy seasons.

“I don’t know how many points [total goals and assists] I have, but I know I’ve been playing well and playing consistently recently,” Dougherty said.

The experienced hockey player witnessed his hard work pay off with a tender agreement for a team in the North American Hockey League. 

“I tendered for the Danbury Junior Hat Tricks,” Dougherty said. “Being tendered means I can sign with a team, and I’m not obligated to play for them, but I cannot sign with another team in the league.”

After practicing with the Danbury Junior Hat Tricks, he recalls the increased level of intensity. 

“Skating is the biggest appeal in such a faster game, which always makes it tougher. Then you get to go back down to your club team and bring the speed that you just played with,” Dougherty said.

Dougherty is excited to see how his future in hockey unfolds.

“I look forward to competing at the next level and hope to get a division one scholarship to play somewhere throughout college,” he said.