Malvern’s Next Big Project: The Maggitti Pavilion

Michael Guardiola '25, Friar Life Editor

As one of Mr. Patrick Sillup’s, the newly inducted Head of School, first actions, he is introducing changes to Tolentine Hall as well as a brand new Maggitti Pavilion, which will stand as a center for student services. With this and other changes, his goal is to create a better experience for the Malvern community.


“I see this building affecting school days. It’ll become a main thoroughfare. It’s a spot where you can check in if you’re late, or check out if you’re leaving early. It’s a spot where you can see your general school counselor, [or] your college counselor,” Sillup said.


This versatile space was made possible by Mr. Vic Maggitti’s generous 6 million dollar donation, and honored an identified need as a result of an extensive master campus planning process, Sillup noted. 


“We spent two years as part of the Master Campus Planning Team to think about what is of highest priority, and what can meet our needs. It was only after those two years when we said renovating a building for middle schoolers like Tolentine Hall, [and] having a Student Service Center like the Maggitti Pavilion is critically important,” Sillup said.


Utilizing a spot on the edge of the quad between Tolentine and Stewart, Sillup noted that this location is part of the bigger picture of Malvern’s campus. 


“I go back to a process where we said, if we’re really trying to meet students’ needs, it has to be accessible and visible. It has to play a prominent role in the walking pattern of a student. When the quad was introduced to the campus, the campus really tied together,” Sillup continued, “From a student service standpoint it had to be within the quad.”


While specific dates have not been revealed, Friars should expect to see results of these new projects on campus soon.


“I’m hoping to share this with families at back to school night. Classes should open back into [the new] Tolentine in Spring of ‘23, or, at the latest, Fall of ‘23.” Additionally, Sillup remarks, “The following fall, I’m hoping Spring of ‘24 or Fall of ‘24 is when the Maggitti Pavilion will be complete.”


It doesn’t end there, athletic facilities are also getting revamped giving athletes lots to look forward to.


“As part of the Master Campus Planning Process, we learned that there was a need for more turf spaces. We replaced Quigley Field’s track and turf, and those turned out fabulously. We are now setting up the turfing of Father Flynn Field and the baseball field. The goal will be Spring of ‘24 for those fields,” Sillup said.


With its goal of being in the foot pattern of every student, one thing is certain: the Maggitti Pavilion will make many steps in a great direction for student experience at Malvern Prep.