Where Did You Spend Your Summer?

Find out where Malvern students spent their summer vacation.

Leonardo Scarpato, Media and Culture & Social Media


Travis Saverino: I traveled to Virginia Beach and Ocean City, New Jersey. I also went to Maryland for a Nike Camp.

Sam Kumpon– I traveled to Bethany Beach, Delaware. I also went to Malvern Football preseason.

Jack Hechler– I traveled up to Ocean City this summer. I also went and saw a lacrosse showcase at La Salle.


Peter Schwab- I traveled to the Outer Banks this summer with my family.

Orazio Nastase- I traveled to New Mexico this summer.

Shane O’Mara- I went to the Poconos, Sea Isle, and Cape May. I also was a camp counselor and a caddy on the weekends.


Luca Webb- I went to Maryland with my friends. I also traveled the country sailing.

Daniel Simpson- I traveled to Spain and Portugal with my family. I also went to Florida and moved my brother to college.

Colby Weaver-I went down to Avalon and did a lot of traveling with lacrosse. I also visited colleges such as Duke University.


Ryan Falkenstein- I went to Disney World and visited Maryland. I also went down to Ocean City, New Jersey.

Michael Geary-  I visited Los Angeles, California, and also went down to Avalon.

Roman Buono- I traveled to Bermuda, Ocean City, and coached lacrosse.