State of the StudCo

Student Council President Steven Getsie and Vice President Michael Geary address Malvern students and preview upcoming events on campus.

Steven Getsie, Michael Geary, Contributors

Good afternoon Malvern, 


Welcome back to campus! We hope you’ve had an amazing summer and a great start to the year. It’s our first time having a completely normal year after what feels like the longest fever dream and we’re planning on making sure it’s a great one!


Recently, we kicked off the second week with an FMR (Friday Morning Rallies). We plan on doing them at the beginning of every month, parlaying it with a dress-down day. The competitions bring fun events to start your month, and as always, if you guys have any ideas of fun competitions you wanna do, pull one of us aside in the hallway and tell us, or shoot us an email. We love to hear your guy’s ideas, it’s your school just as much as it’s ours. 


You guys had a great showing out in Ocean City – way to support our brothers. Making that kind of statement against La Salle shows everyone the capabilities of our football team, and they’re just getting started. Other fall sports are ramping up also, so be sure to support all our brothers. Your intensity amplifies how our guys play! We’ll be offering opportunities throughout the year to hype them up. 


The fall season is associated with football (and fútball), and spirit week and homecoming are right around the corner, less than a few weeks away! Be sure to find a date and pick out a good outfit, it’s gonna be a blast. We’re gonna bring a ton of fun dress-down themes and events to you guys during spirit week, be ready to have a great time. Maybe Jimmy’s, maybe video game tournament, and definitely the Blue & Gray games, it is going to be an amazing start to homecoming weekend!


With Haverford on schedule for a beatdown and a great night planned on campus, October is going to be one to remember! Stay safe, and responsible, and always remember every day is a great day to be a Friar!!




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