Being Real

BeReal, a popular social media platform with timed posting parameters, is sweeping the nation; has it infiltrated classrooms on Warren Ave?


Jack Ploszay, Sports Editor

BeReal is an app developed by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau in which users are notified when it is time to post a “BeReal”. The user is sent a notification when it is time to post and is then sent notifications when his friends post late. This “BeReal” is a front and back camera photo of exactly what you’re doing in that two minute window. You can post whenever you like and your followers are notified when you post late. This application is being flooded with users and has made its way to Malvern students.


Reactions are mixed when talking to students vs. faculty on the matter. Most faculty are against “BeRealing” in class but there are even some students who aren’t fans. 

Junior, Ennis Udo, used the app for a while, but has changed his stance.


“I used to be a big BeReal user. But recently, I’m a big hater” Udo said.


Back in his heyday, Udo used to be on time for his BeReals and even react to his peers’ posts. But that all took a turn for the worse according to him,


“I used to be on time every time but then my consistency kind of fell off a little bit and then I just was like, ‘What am I doing?”


Not every Malvern student feels this way.’ Alex Gueriera ‘24 who lives on the Pro-BeReal side of the issue says,


“I think BeReal is fun to see what everybody is doing and it is a special time of every day when you have to take your BeReal”.


Similar to Udo, Gueriera also uses the app to converse with his friends. He sees it as a way to highlight what could be to the other user as just a normal part of their day. Whether it’s leaving funny selfie reactions or commenting on his friends’ style.


“I like to understand where people are coming from and make them feel good about themselves by commenting and reacting to their BeReal,” Gueriera said. 


BeReal isn’t just a medium to interact with friends and family, there is also a creative aspect to it. Whether it’s a crazy setting or a group of friends there are plenty of ways to spice up your BeReal creatively. 


Bernard Blakely 25’ knows the importance of satisfying his viewers creatively. In his opinion,


“My viewers are expecting something very creative every time,” Bernard said.


And who knows the Friars better than a Friar himself? In Bernard’s opinion,


“I think it’s very popular amongst friars…It can be distracting sometimes because of when some people see it [a BeReal notification], but they always usually go on their phone after class to post it or they wait until after and ask someone to post it”.


One thing all these Friars were able to agree on was disliking the “BeFake” movement. Which is waiting to post your BeReal until something cool or worthwhile happens. So if you take anything away from this Malvern: don’t be fake.