New Clubs on Campus

It’s been a month since the Activities fair, and students are just starting to settle into extracurricular activities. Due to the vast selection of clubs, there has been a lack of attention to all the new opportunities students have. Fresh clubs now exist in all departments, such as athletics, academics, media, and Christian service, though you may not be familiar with them.


Provided by The StewCrew

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Leonardo Scarpato, Managing Editor

Podcast Club


Another club within the arts also began discussions last year when Ennis Udo, Ryan Williams, Ryan Todd, and Peri Dibartolomeo stumbled across the Media Lab. 


“[There was] a lot of time after lunch and we weren’t doing anything with it, why not sit around talking and make something worthwhile.” 


That’s when “The StewCrew”, coined by our own Sports Editor Jack Ploszay, began developing. Though the club is brand new, members have ambitious future goals and possibilities. One of its founders, Ennis Udo, spoke about branching out beyond the realm of sports.


“ [The StewCrew is] a sports podcast but also brings guests on. Once we start posting our podcast, we want other podcasts to start. We want other people to talk about their interests.” 


The idea of building a community around podcasting appears to be the prime focus of the club. 


“Guests will be on the campus; if students want to reach out and be a part, they can. If they want to start their own branch of the podcast, we will help” Udo stated. 


The club is also helped run by students Luke Pagan, Ryan Pegg, Tague Davis, and Matt McFillin. With a broad range of ideas, and early in the development stage, there are no limits to what the podcast club can become. 


“I want it to be a staple in the Malvern Community. Something people talk about, something students want to listen to.” Udo said.


If interested in appearing or learning more about the podcast club, reach out to Ennis Udo for more information.


Malvern Students Like Me


Malvern Students Like Me began last winter in the bottom of Tolentine when club founder, Will Adolph, felt there was a lack of connectivity between the high school. 


Adolph stated, “When I was a freshman I built a strong relationship with juniors and freshmen and I want kids to be able to do that on a larger scale.” 


That’s when Adolph, along with Tyler Kinka, Brian May, and Joey Hofmann all helped to create Malvern Students Like Me (MSLM) last winter. Adolph described what MSLM means to the student body,


“Everyone helps everyone. We see each other academically and athletically at our weakest and strongest, and we’re here to find different ways to approach success,” Adolph stated. 


MSLM offers a new outlet for students to communicate, connect, and build relationships. In the future, Adolph aims to grow in size and reach everyone who wants to take advantage of it. If interested, MSLM meets once to twice a month in no specific location. Please reach out to Will Adolph if you have any questions.


Music Learning & Comprehension


Last spring, Patrick Owen began discussing the possibility of a Music Learning & Comprehension club. 


Now, the following fall, students have the opportunity to “listen to music, debate different albums, and take them apart.” 


Music Learning & Comprehension allows students to connect with others in various ways. Owen describes club meetings as “boys will come in, and we will share different albums that they enjoy. Then, come in next week and discuss it and break it apart.”  


Owen, having a passion for songs and musical artists, felt there was a lack of opportunity to connect with others through music.


 “The club is fun to do with my peers and students around campus,” Owen stated.


In being a broad and flexible club, Music Learning and Comprehension has many ways to connect with others, potentially even incorporating a March Madness-esque tournament. 


“[The March Madness series] where each boy chooses their favorite album and goes head-to-head with another student. Teachers would also come in and grade the presenting skills of the student,” Owen stated. 


Limited possibilities exist in the newly founded club, and have already been a large success in the High-School. 


Owen says much of the success can be attributed to the ability to be:


 “fully open to your own creative mind and be a place where you can express your own liking and individualized uniqueness with different music that you like.” 


The club meets in Carney 301 weekly on no specific day. If the opportunity sounds appealing, contact Patrick Owen for more information.


Weightlifting Club


Mr. Basuiera, a new teacher at Malvern and alum from 2018, returned to campus this year. During his time as a student, he remembers being a part of a Weightlifting Club, and was quick to notice it’s absence when he returned.


“It helped my personal development and made me way more confident in myself. I got here in eighth grade and wasn’t really confident with myself. It gave me something I could identify with.” 


Mr. Basuiera felt it was his obligation to start it up again and provide that opportunity to students while also utilizing the campus. 


“Not every school has this opportunity since we really need to take advantage of the space that we have” Mr. Basuier stated.


The club, also run with the help of Mr. Miller, is designed around teaching Olympic-style weightlifting. 


“Trying to build the team aspect because training with others can really boost our performance. The competitive training environment is always really good. We also have the possibility for powerlifting; however, we want to get to the fundamentals of weightlifting down for whoever joins.”  


Mr. Basuirea also sees the weightlifting club expanding and stretching further than traditional weightlifting. 


“I would like to see a strongman competition, [and] get some kids to some national level competition” Mr. Basuiera stated.


If you’d like to learn more about the weightlifting club, please reach out to either Mr. Basuiera or Mr. Miller. 


Film Club


During the fall of last year, Leonardo Scarpato approached Mr. Wasson about the possibility of a film club on campus. With the recent addition of the Media Lab and video equipment, movie production for Friar’s has never been more possible. 


“With recent editing software and cellphones, the whole process has just become accessible to everybody. So, I don’t think that there was anything going on campus in regards to filmmaking on an extracurricular basis. It just didn’t exist”, Mr. Wasson said.


The film club serves as a unique ability for students to share their creativity and help other activities on campus.


“It’s an opportunity to be creative, to have a ton of fun, but also another component, an opportunity for the club to serve others. One is pure enjoyment fun, creation, interest, hobby, but then at the same time, it is an opportunity to serve the school” Mr. Wasson stated.


With a multitude of ways to create and share videos, there are many ways for students to participate in the club. 


“If you have in interest in writing you can get involved with scripts or if they just want to be an actor they can be an actor. There’s a lot of areas within film that then creates an opportunity.”


If you’d like to learn more about the film club or how you can participate, please contact either Mr. Wasson or Leonardo Scarpato.


With the addition of many new clubs and activities on campus, there are many paths one can take to enhance their involvement in Malvern’s Community. Outside of the ones mentioned, Malvern has an excellent extracurricular program and, hopefully a club that suits your strengths. If you haven’t found a club that fits you, don’t be afraid to mimic the leadership of these other students who noticed a lack on campus, or a passion, that they felt needed to be shared or brought to Malvern’s campus.