Best Shoes on Campus

Uncovering the best shoes at Malvern Prep.


Ever wondered who has the best shoes on campus? I took a first-hand look at some of the best shoes and interviewed the owners at Malvern Preparatory School. Shoes are a very important way for students to express themselves because we can pick that part of our outfits.

Joe Verrekia ‘23 has been into shoes for a long time [Jordans and Dunks].

In response to me asking how long he has been collecting shoes, he said, “I’d say since the sixth or seventh grade.”

Over the years, one shoe has stuck out to be Verrekia’s favorite: “Probably my pair of Jordan 1 Scarlets.”

Millan Puri ‘27 has also been a long time collector: “My favorite shoes are the Jordan One Rebellionares,” said Millan.

The Rebbellionares are an amazing shoe that just got on the market. 

I asked Millan how many shoes he has in his collection. He replied, “I have over forty [pairs of shoes]. Some of those shoes include the Off-White Chicago Ones, and even some unreleased pairs.”

Collecting shoes and building your collection takes a lot of time and effort, and finding the shoes that you like is a process. 

“I’ve been collecting shoes since third grade,” said Millan. 

But as I looked around campus, I would say that the best shoes are Hayden Gallagher’s ‘29 Panda Dunks, which are his first pair of Nikes.

From Adidas to Nike, there are a lot of shoes to choose from, and getting to show off your collection as you build it is the most rewarding part of the process.