A Malvern Look at the Eagles Playoffs

Malvern Students react to Eagle’s playoff run.

The Eagles had an amazing season making it all the way to the Super Bowl. The most exciting part of it was the effect it had on the Malvern community.


Jack Ploszay, a junior at Malvern, was one of the many students that went to the NFC Championship game.


“My favorite memory from the season was probably when I was at the NFC Championship game because that was cool. It was a cool experience and seeing that Devonta Smith one-hand catch in-person was awesome” Ploszay said. 


Some students thought, before the season even started, that the Eagles were going to make it all the way to the Super Bowl.


“I did [think that]. I might have a little fan bias, but I thought this was one of the best teams we’ve had in a while in the season. I thought they had a chance to make it all the way” Ploszay said.


One lucky student, Reece Hanna ‘26, was able to go to the Super Bowl and get to experience all of the events.


“It was definitely not what I was expecting it to be. It was very cool how all of the fans were there. Both sides were very passionate and there were a lot of tailgates. During the game there was non-stop action. It was cool how planned out everything was” Hanna said. 


The Eagles had a heartbreaking loss and many were upset because it came after the big run they had during the regular season.


“I got bummed out that night. I was watching with friends. But yeah, I mean, it’s just a tough pill to swallow, especially with the flag at the end” Ploszay said.


Now that the Eagles are in the offseason, they can make improvements to replicate the amazing season and finish it by winning the Superbowl next year.

“Yeah, definitely. I think they did an awesome job of trading so they’re set up and yet they have the I think eighth pick in the draft this year. I could be wrong. But for that to happen. It’s pretty crazy. They’ll have such a high pick” Ploszay said.


Next season is important for the Eagles. They will be able to prove that they are a top contender and deserve a shot at the Super Bowl like they did this past season.


“I think it’d be the same kind of tempo they had this year but I think [there is] a lot more going into it  having that loss under their belt. So, I think they’ll do equally as well” Ploszay said.


The Eagles had a very impressive run and, all-in-all, it was an amazing season to watch.