Student Managed Fund

The Student Managed Fund, a stock market investing club, founded by a group of Malvern Prep students, financed by Malvern Prep, seeks to engage students in the present financial sector.


James Buysse

Student Managed fund member Cade Heppleman (Left), James Buysse (Right), with speaker Brennan Robinson from Villanova (Middle)

Tyler Mullady ‘24, Contributor

The Student Managed Fund was started by Malvern Students, Cade Heppleman ‘24 and Patrick Buysee ‘24 about a year and a half ago at the beginning of their sophomore year at Malvern Prep. They currently have around 60 students in the club split into sector teams, there are around 25 active members. This club is also moderated by Mr. Ostick.


This group of students meets frequently to actively invest in and study stocks. The idea was inspired by their previous participation in the Stock Market Game. “A group of students that get together to talk about markets, pitch stocks, and run a portfolio of Malverns endowment and invest in that” (Heppleman). They received 1000 dollars from Malvern to invest in.


As the club continues to grow, they hope to give back to the Malvern community with their profits. 


“One of our long-term goals is to be kicking off a portion of the endowment every year to give back to something on campus or off campus, like donating a portion of the money each year,” Heppelman said.


Although in the future they would like to have the opportunity to increase their budget in the stock market.


“We would like to expand the portfolio for our club in the future as well.”


The club also has featured others to help inform members about the stock market and educate this group of students about finance in general. 


“Previously we have hosted speakers and alumni from Malvern in the past who are in business,” Heppelman said.


The Student Managed Fund has invested in stocks like Starbucks, Paypal, Urban Outfitters, JP Morgan, Goodyear Tire, and Pfizer. In early March a group of selected members from the club will be visiting the finance lab at Villanova to observe their college student-managed fund.