Chat GPT: The Loss of Credibility In Schools

The dreams of mankind have led us to where we are today, and Scientists have created what is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some believe it is a great advancement in technology and human progression, but others see it as the destruction and disregard for human life.

An AI that has caused lots of controversy and fear is Chat GPT. Lead of Curriculum, Dr. Kevin Quinn, defined it as “machine learning.”


“Machine learning refers to when you don’t actually program directly… it can devise its own way of thinking, and the way we do that is training,” Quinn said. 


It may seem that replacing human thought, intuition, and independent research and development with an AI program risks destroying human potential, but Quinn says otherwise. 


“…Regardless of what should happen, never in the history of humanity have we unmade a technology…now that it exists, the question is how can we use this technology for the benefits,” Quinn said.


Rather than viewing Chat GPT as a replacement for the human mind, Dr. Quinn voices that it should rather be adapted to and not abused. It would be unreasonable to pretend this technology does not exist, instead, we should adapt classrooms toward Chat GPT, as it would be ignorant to not see the value in it.


“.. When the calculator became available to people, we changed our expectations in the math classroom,” Quinn stated. 


Advances in technology can seem harmful, but also prove to be effectively used. These advances have not destroyed our thinking abilities, yet enhanced accuracy and efficiency in problem-solving. It would be ignorant for us to completely disregard the possibility of this program helping education, however, we must be careful of how, when, and who uses it.


Chat GPT is not widely used among students and is not currently a reliable way of writing essays. It begs the question: how is Chat GPT any different from stealing someone else’s work, or having a friend write for you? Alex Gueriera, a junior at Malvern Prep, believes that Chat GPT is okay to use, but only when permitted by the teacher.


“When I was first introduced to it, I knew it was a big thing for cheating but never understood what it really was until I did my research paper,” Gueriera stated.


Gueriera was allowed to use the website in his class under the circumstantial topic of conducting research.


“It can definitely mess up students’ work ethic and make them more lazy… but it definitely helps students start their essay if they’re trying to find a topic,” Gueriera said.


As the new programs continue to improve their writing ability, how might Chat GTP impact English teachers and their students? Veteran English teacher and Twelfth Grade Student Academy Leader, Mr. Tim Dougherty, teaches literature classes where Chat GPT has already been used by students to write essays. Mr. Dougherty discussed how Chat GPT will affect his students’ ability to fully learn new concepts, and develop reading and writing skills. 


“Education struggles with adopting new technology,” Doughtery stated.


The usage of Chat GPT in the classroom allows students to be lazy with AI, rather than using their own minds and credible resources. This AI may provide a quick and easy essay grade, but when directly quoting text, it seems to have lots of problems.


“It’s really limited right now. It searches the internet for answers, and the internet is a place where there are a lot of wrong answers too,” Dougherty affirmed.


This program, in its early stages of development, generates sloppy work that is easily detectable as plagiarism. When pulling from sources, Chat GPT will miss precise detail, and rather give a general idea or summary, which isn’t enough for most teachers.