Construction on Campus – Matt on the Mic

Matt on the Mic gets an exclusive look inside Tolentine Hall which is currently being renovated.


Last week Matt McFillin, the host of Matt on the Mic, was able to step foot inside Tolentine Hall and get an up-close look at the construction. Thanks to Malvern alumn John Putch, who is a project manager for the construction, Matt was able to get an informative, immersive, and exciting tour of the building.

Tolentine is currently being renovated and transformed into Riley Hall. The building intends to be used as a new home for middle school activities and math/science classrooms. The construction only accounts for phase two of five, which include many more exciting additions coming to Malvern’s campus soon.

If you’d like to learn more about alumni John Putch and the construction of Tolentine Hall, please click the link below and check out episode 5 of Matt on the Mic.


Video Link: Matt on the Mic – Episode 5