Finishing Strong: How Malvern Prep Middle School students prepare for the end of the school year

As the Malvern Prep school year comes to an end, Malvern Prep Middle School students are in full gear to finish strong.


As the Malvern Prep school year comes to an end, students have around four more weeks to prepare for the end of the school year. For some students, these weeks can be more challenging than for others. 

For some students, the last couple weeks of school will be most memorable. With 8th graders graduating, a lot will change going into their freshman year. But with them leaving the scene, a new opportunity arises for the upcoming 7th and 8th graders. 

In an interview with Malvern Prep middle school student Mason Matlack, he expressed that this year was very memorable for him. Some of the best parts of this year were making new friends and learning new skills. Although he stated that he had a lot of fun this past school year, he also did say, “One thing I can work on next year is to work harder in school, and pay attention a little more.”  Another point he made known was that throughout the year, one change that helped him was building his confidence. 

In another interview with 8th grade middle school student Dominic Robustelli, he stated his favorite parts of the school year and what he thought could have been better. He stated that his favorite part of the school year was playing lacrosse with his friends. He also said, “One thing I wish I could have changed is getting out of my comfort zone by submitting a speech for graduation. Also I felt like I learned a lot on the academic standpoint from classes.”

Although the school year was a very stressful time, the faculty did a great job at making it fun for everyone. Some activities that helped relieve stress for the students were Friday Celebration, Turf Time every once in a while, and even just going outside to work in the quad. 

All of these activities and the different styles of teaching are why Malvern is so special. Malvern empowers students to be greater each year. Although this past school year was filled with many tests and quizzes, you can tell by the students’ faces that their spirits are still high.