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Carney Hall Resource Room

The new Resource room gives students an opportunity to do work, make up a test, or meet with a teacher since the CSI and other places are very loud.
Nino Sindoni

As we all know, it is very hard to find a quiet place to study or make up a test with a teacher.


The Carney Hall Resource Room creates the perfect solution to this problem. Mr. Tom Pannulla, head of academics, explains how this room offers a space for many student and teacher needs.

“The room was designed so that teachers and students would have a little bit more of a dedicated and quieter space. If they need to meet [In a classroom], or maybe in a small group, or if a student needs to make up a test. It’s just a space where there are less distractions,” Pannulla said.

When students need to meet with a teacher to take a test, It can be challenging to find a classroom that is not occupied by a club or a meeting. 

“There’s not many classrooms available to do that throughout the school day. When we were looking around the summer, we were trying to create that space somewhere and that little nook on the top floor hallway of Carney [Hall]  just seemed like a great opportunity. The maintenance department did an awesome job putting a wall and a door up pretty quickly and making that space,” Pannulla said.

Mrs. Giordano, Curriculum Coordinator for Math and an Upper School Math teacher played a big role in producing the new resource room to provide students with the opportunity to make up work and to go over topics and concepts that need reinforcement. 

“It’s a place where students can go and achieve things. This room is designed for all students, but they can’t be in there without a teacher. It’s really for any subject that needs extra help,” Giordano said.  

Many students felt they needed extra help after the pandemic with things outside of the classroom.

“So we decided we really needed a space. The CSI is a great space, but it gets very loud and crowded, especially when multiple classes are in there. So we wanted to find a quiet space where a student could go and work with the teacher,” Giordano said. 

The peer-to-peer center can be difficult at times to get tutored or work done when there are other students in there occupying it. 

“Tutors could go in there [resource room] and work with students too. It’s like an overflow space now for them [tutors] from the peer-to-peer tutoring center, but the room is for all subjects,” Giordano said. 

The Resource Room is a great opportunity for you to get your work done and to make up tests with your teachers. It’s also a great time to have one-on-one time with your teachers if you’re not understanding the material. Don’t forget to check out the Resource Room!

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