On Par – Malvern’s New Golf Simulator

The new golf simulator at Malvern Prep will revolutionize the way golf players practice as it allows them to now train year-round right on campus. It will open up new and exciting opportunities and present many benefits for the coaches and the team.
On Par - Malvern’s New Golf Simulator

The new golf simulator opening at Malvern Prep will be dedicated in the name of Mr. Joe Redican ‘60. The addition of this new facility on campus will certainly benefit the players and the team as a whole as well as attract visibility to the successful program. The convenience of on-site year-round practice is expected to greatly improve the golf experience at Malvern.


Mr. Stewart, Head of Athletics, discussed how the idea of having a golf simulator at Malvern came up. He explained what went into the initial discussion of starting this new project at Malvern. 


“Two or three years ago, Coach Duda and I started talking about it very casually. We went and took a look at the simulator at Overbrook Golf Club. [Coach Duda’s] network of people in the game and the community led him to a couple of people with a serious interest in supporting the project…Then there were a couple of lead gifts. That [project] became a possibility, and now it’s a reality. So, it’s been in the works for a little over two and a half years…,” Stewart said.


Mr. Sillup, Head of School, explained the thought process behind opening a golf simulator on the Malvern campus as well as the fundraising and design elements that went into it.

“The idea came up as we were discussing ways in which we could continue to elevate the O’Neill Center. As we had these discussions, we wondered about ways in which we could better support off-site campus experiences like golf…Once we developed a concept for the space, we were able to go to donors with this idea and illustrate how this campus addition would elevate the outstanding program Coach Duda and Coach Redican have built over the last several years. This intersection of vision, people, and program is what helped generate the funding to make this space possible for our student-athletes,” Sillup said.

Mr. Stewart shared his thoughts on why he thinks having a golf simulator at Malvern will benefit the players and the team as a whole. He provided details on the many benefits that this new addition on campus presents.

“It’s going to be a game changer for them. In the offseason, and even during the season, they can get into a regular rhythm and routine of working on the finer points of their game. I’m not aware of too many other schools out there that have something like this on campus. So it feels great to be one of the few that have this kind of opportunity available for the kids in the golf program. The team is off campus for a large part of their practices and matches, [so this] gives them a feeling like they have a home here on campus with lockers and a place to keep their clubs and valuables during the school day before they head out for matches,” Stewart said.

Mr. Sillup offered insight into how Malvern’s new golf simulator can be beneficial for the players. He also discussed how this addition to the campus can attract visibility to the team and its success.

“The simulator room allows our golfers to practice on-site and year-round, something we simply could not offer prior to the space being opened this spring. From a pure practice perspective, the increased access and repetitions will play a positive role in performance. But from an exposure perspective, the space shines a light on a successful program that many do not get to see on a yearly basis. This visibility is likely to lead to new and different conversations with student-athletes, as well as attract others to the team who may be unaware we offer the sport at a high level,” Sillup said.

Mr. Stewart discussed how having a golf simulator at Malvern could encourage the community to do similar things in the future that could also improve the sports here. 


“The first thing that happens is a coach identifies a need or want, and we take a look at that. We take a look at what kind of space we have on campus. The overall needs of the school have to be considered, not just athletics. So does it clear the path for other unique kinds of things to get done here? … [For example,] we’re going to have two very updated fields out here, and the baseball stadium is going to be state of the art,” Stewart said.” 


Mr. Sillup explained how he thinks the new golf simulator on campus could inspire the Malvern community to continue to implement similar strategies that can enhance sports here in the future. 


“Developing dedicated spaces for exceptional programming is something Malvern is committed to now and in the future…The more intentional we are about our design, the greater the impact it has on our outcomes. Pair this with a high level of visibility, and programs begin to grow and thrive in ways that exceed our wildest imaginations. As we continue to evolve as a campus, we will always start with centering students. If our investments cannot be directly tied to student impact, then we’ve simply missed the mark,” Sillup said.

Having a golf simulator at Malvern Prep is sure to enhance the players’ training and improve their skills. The convenience of being able to practice year-round on campus will certainly lead to great success for the team. The coaches will also have new tools to help players reach their full potential. This innovative addition will undoubtedly elevate the team’s performance and enhance their overall experience.

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