Football Recap: Boys of Fall

John Monday

As another school year begins, so begins another season of football. A game filled with the ups and downs like that of a rollercoaster. A season sometimes made up by devastating losses as well as glorious victories. While it is only week three, the Friars have already had their fair share of emotional turmoil and triumph.

The Friars first game was a “War at the Shore” in Wildwood, NJ to play the Roman Catholic Cahillites on labor day weekend. All odds were working against the Friars. They were picked to lose the game and the humidity was heavy without a breeze to be found (trust me I was there). With all of this working against them, the Friars fought hard and lead throughout most of the game, but came short of victory. The Friars lost by one point in a 28-27 loss. Was it a loss though? The Friars proved themselves to step up in the face of adversity. This would not be the end of their season.

The Friars came out last Friday night against the Coatesville Raiders with a fire inside them to rid the bad taste of a loss out of their mouths. Led by quarterback Billy Ford and a defense that held their ground on a goal line stand, The Friars came away with a 19-14 victory.  The biggest play of the night came from the Friar defense as they fought to survive the onslaught of a goal line offense with only about half a minute left in the fourth quarter. The fire inside the hearts of every Friar defenseman could not be put out. In the end Coatesville fell short, and the friars came away victorious.

This is just the beginning of what is looking to be a great season for the Friars. The team hopes to recapture it’s inter-ac title from last year. Their next game is at home against Archbishop Carroll (Washington D.C.) on Saturday the 15th so come out and support your team!