Student of the Issue: Caleb Kao ‘15


Chris Bunn

Malvern’s Favorite Comedian Tells Us About Himself and His Jokes

Caleb Kao '15 / C. BunnJunior Caleb Kao is known throughout Malvern for his infamous jokes. Playing on a mixed variety of wordplay and puns, Caleb has told a few of his jokes to many other students, to teachers, and during the Christmas talent show. Many of his jokes can be seen in this year’s Impressions. Aside from that, he is a outstanding example of a upstanding Malvern student. Corresponding through email, Caleb discusses his background, his personal life, his start, and his best Malvern memory.

CB: Tell me about your background. Where did you grow up, what schools you went to in the past, what you were like growing up…

CK: First of all, I was born in West Chester Hospital on July 28, 1996. I grew up in Downingtown for my entire life up to this point. In Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, I attended Landmark Christian School; in 4th-5th Grade I attended Windsor Christian Academy; and through 6th-now I attend Malvern Prep. As I grew up, I loved to read books and I loved watching and playing sports.

My dad is from Taiwan, my mom is from Hong Kong and the rest of my family is from China. We usually observe different Chinese holidays such as the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival. Another fun fact is that my grandfather on my dad’s side was part of Chiang-Kai-Shek’s Nationalist Army during the Civil War.

Early in life, I had a developmental delay. When I entered elementary school, I was put into special education. Later my parents decided to change my education to a homeschool setting ran by a Southern Baptist Church. From 4th-5th Grade I transferred to a more formal school. Then I took the big challenge to enroll in Malvern Prep.

So during my life, I had big challenges including understanding language, and self-expression and learning fundamentally. I grew up in a Christian family, and the Church I attend is Trinity Christian Church of Greater Philadelphia.

CB: What do you like to do in your free time? What kinds of things interest you?

CK: During my free time, I usually spend time thinking of jokes. Other things I like to do include reading some novels, watching Food Network, playing X-Box, watching sports (Favorite teams: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers), playing board games like chess. Some things that interest me include sports and music. I also play trumpet during my spare time. Some music I listen include Gospel music, jazz and rock.

CB: Tell me more about the comedic side of you. Who or what inspires you? How did you get started? Why do you like telling jokes?

CK: I started to do this comedic stuff in Middle School when I had some Laffy Taffy candy. I read some of the jokes that were submitted, and I thought maybe one day I can have my jokes on the wrappers. So I decided to make up some jokes. I started when my mom gave me a small journal to write in for jokes. Then I tried to tell some to my classmates and teachers as well as during bus rides to away baseball games.

CB: What is your best Malvern memory?

CK: Some of the best memories at Malvern include my first home run and an interception for a touchdown (both in the 8th Grade). Other memories include my first ever distinguished honors in 7th Grade.

CB: What is your best joke?

CK: My best joke would probably be “Moooooooo” and the answer is “It’s because I am a cow.” Also when students read my jokes, I want them to be happy and in a good mood. But I also want them to know that I can overcome difficulties so this is a sort of inspiration or advice to them. Some funny sides of me include my weird imitations of different fictional characters such as Cleveland.