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Friars, how are those Final Projects going?


We asked a few men on the street what they thought of the new system for finals.


LegnerTyler Legner ‘16

How do you feel about the new finals process? Is it any harder or easier?

I prefer projects because they are easier to do, but doing all of the projects is very time- consuming and stressful.

How much time would you say it takes you to finish one of these projects?

It all depends on the class. One class might take up my whole weekend, while the other might take 90 minutes.


D'AscenzoChristian D’Ascenzo ‘16

Is the finals process any harder or easier than the last year?

I think that this year, the projects are more tedious than the exams and they are overall harder. However, I believe that it is more like college and is a very good learning tool for us.

So, you think this is a good thing?

Like I said before, I think Malvern is doing a very good job preparing us for what college will feel like. So, yes it is a very good thing.


CiroAnthony Ciro ‘16

Do you like the new finals system?

No, not at all. I think that it is a bunch of busywork. To study for finals is a lot easier to study because you already know most of the background information and you know what will be on the final. Projects are very time-consuming and stressful. And plus for the old finals system, you already had a midterm so you wouldn’t have to study for the first part of the course. The new system adds a lot more stress because most of the finals are due on the same day.


Matt Dinehart ‘16

How are you handling the new finals system so far?

I think that its a real struggle with all the work piled onto one student at a time.

Did you like the old finals system better?

Yes, because it was way more organized with the time. You used to have a strict schedule to follow for when finals were, but now the teachers keep on switching the due dates and its just a lot more frustrating.


Alex Sorenson ‘16

Do you like how Malvern is doing finals this year?

I actually really like how they did it this year. I think it gives the student more time to complete the project instead of having to cram for a final two days before. So I really hope they keep it this way.

So you didn’t like last year’s system?

No, like I said before, I think most students just cram two nights before and it just added stress

Read more about how this change came about.

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