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Mr. Frank Ryan: A Long Tenure of Love for Malvern

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Mr. Ryan has so many favorite memories of Malvern that he can’t choose just one.

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Mr. Ryan / Malvern Communications

Mr. Frank Ryan has been a beloved member of the Malvern staff for over 40 years. Driven by a love for the school, and for the community on campus, he taught a variety of subjects. His long tenure of teaching and coaching is coming to an end, however, as he is retiring at the end of this school year. Mr. Ryan is sure to be missed by everyone who has known him in his time at Malvern.

ZC: Why did you first come to Malvern Prep?

FR: I was first hired in 1970 as a teacher and coach.

ZC: How long have you worked at Malvern?

FR: I taught 39 years.

ZC: What positions have you held?

FR:  I taught Afro-Asian Studies, AP US History and US History.  I also served as Dean of Students from 1980-1990, and Athletic Director from 1990-2003.

ZC: Who was your favorite person to work with and why?

FR: I worked for two great bosses, Fr. Duffy and Jim Stewart.

ZC: What’s your favorite memory of Malvern?

FR: I had many fond memories of my time at Malvern. It would not be fair to pick one, but in my time here it was the relationships that I developed that were special –  with Fr. Duffy, Stew, Steve Valyo, Paul Hornsleth and many others. Every person is different, but if you remain positive good things can happen. You have true and respected friends. I was a kid from Chester when I  first came but eventually Malvern became like famlly. If you believe in what an institution stands for, you become part of it.

ZC: What did you think of Middle School Cross Country?

FR: I enjoyed Middle School Cross Country.


And a few more questions for Mr. Ryan:

Q: I hear you will be elected into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame! What sports did you play in high school? Did you play in college?

FR:  Yes, I am being inducted into Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, Delaware County Chapter, not sure what that means, but I will find out at the dinner on June 22. I went to St. James High School (which is now closed), where I played football (Second Team All-State), basketball, and baseball (All-Catholic ). I earned a scholarship to Duke University where I played football and baseball.

Q: What would you tell a young teacher who is just starting out at Malvern?

FR: I would tell a young teacher to work hard on the courses she or he is teaching, to be yourself, and to be involved.

Q: What are the things that are most dear to your heart?

FR: Close to my heart are my kids and grandkids, and the people who have taken the time to remember me since I’ve been sick – that is what Malvern is all about.

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  • J

    John (Jay) MillerOct 5, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    Hi Frank!
    I sat next to Frank in high school from Sophomore through Senior years at St. James H.S. Frank was rather quiet in the classroom, a good student, and did most of his talking on the athletic fields. He had a great sense of humor also.
    I was just looking over the St. James high rosters and thought I would google what Frank has been up to for all of these years. We had a great class of ’64: Frank, Mike Flanagan, Bill Battle, John Baker, Bart Cranston–lots of great kids.
    Just thought I’d say hello to a great guy.
    Jay Miller
    P.S.: upsets me to no end to see one of my classmates with a full head of hair at our age–Luck of the Irish!!!

  • J

    james welshJul 22, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    I had the privilege of watching Mr. Ryan (Frank) play both football & baseball at St.James when I was a kid and believe me he was all that. As a incoming freshman in 1970 I was thrilled that Frank would be my coach & teacher.Over my 4 years on the field and in the classroom I got to know what a truly nice & caring person Frank was. Over the years in coming back to Malvern I always sought Frank out on the sideline to say hello.

  • D

    Donna Minard (formerly Alteari)Jul 22, 2014 at 10:47 am

    I was feeling nostalgic this morning so I clicked on the PM website. i love reading about BASH because our school stole the idea from MP and I am now in charge of the event here. However, when I saw the article on Frank’s retirement I could not keep the smile from my face. There are so many good stories but I will never forget being in NYC with Frank for a conference. As we are walking down 5th Ave following dinner, I notice that there is smoke coming from Frank’s coat pocket. His still lit pipe has caught fire in his pocket!! What a hilarious scene. Thanks for the memories,Frank, and good luck in your golden years.

  • T

    Terry Marlowe Class of 1974Jun 6, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Mr. Ryan started at Malvern in 1970, the same year that I did. I was fortunate to have him for several classes in my 4 years at at Malvern. In each of his classes, Mr. Ryan taught his students not just the dry subject matter, but all aspects of the culture of the period of history being studied. With his dry humor and extensive research, he made history and mythology come alive for his students.

    Frank Ryan was the best teacher I ever had in 20 years of formal education and 33 years of continuing education. When I taught law school for 20 years, I modeled my teaching style after Mr. Ryan, but I know that I fell far short of his excellence.

  • T

    Ted HolleranJun 4, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    I’m sad I’ll never get to have Mr. Ryan as a teacher. I remember my first cross country meet in middle school and I couldn’t finish the course so Mr. Ryan let me walk back with him. Middle school cross country with Mr. Ryan was a great time.

  • B

    Brian RawlinsJun 2, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Mr. Ryan has entered the category of Malvern Prep Legends, he has touched so many people since coming to Malvern and changed many lives. I am proud to have had him as a coach and wish I would have had him as a teacher. The gratitude that the Malvern Prep community has for this man is unimaginable for his contribution to Malvern Prep and the Malvern Prep community are hard to even put into words. Best wishes in your retirement, you will always be a Friar.