Malvern Prep Welcomes Class of 2018 into the Friar’s Brotherhood


Malvern Prep Welcomes Class of 2018.

Justice Bennett

Malvern Prep formally welcomed 127 members of the Class of 2018 and three new students in the Class of 2016 to the student body in this morning’s Brotherhood Ceremony.

The Ceremony featured remarks from Head of School Mr. Christian Talbot, an opening prayer and scripture reading, and a homily from Fr. Flynn, President of Malvern Prep.

“Unity is not uniformity,” said Father Flynn. “If you want respect, a place to start is to respect others.”

“The brotherhood of the Friars here will make you great,” said Flynn.  “The Brotherhood of Malvern Prep is alive and real. It is a process. If you are committed to it, get there, we will. It is that commitment we need to get from you today.”

Teachers greeted students and their families, presenting each student with a St. Augustine medal.  Each freshman student was invited to sign his name in the Class of 2018 ledger.

Flynn ended the ceremony with a prayer and final blessing. “As many grains make a bread, and as many grapes make a wine, make us one body in Christ.”

Malvern Prep Welcomes Class of 2018.
Malvern Prep Welcomes Class of 2018. J. Bennett ’16