Malvern Winter Classic Recap

Eli Polnerow

Wednesday, January 4th was a very special day for me, and for the Malvern community as a whole. It was the day the Malvern Prep Friars took on the La Salle College High School Explorers in the Winter Holiday Classic game at Citizens Bank Park. It was a brisk and bitter night as the players walked out of the tunnel and “took the field”. We looked up to see the open night’s sky, the vast space filled with bright stars, and our families and friends in the foreground, there to cheer us on during such a memorable experience. The outcome of the game was not what we wanted it to be as we, the Friars, fell short to La Salle by the score of 3-0. However, what we all took away from the game, spectators included, will last forever. There were golden scoring opportunities by Pat Porkka and Wil Kay. There were many solid saves by Mike Buillon, and one very very special acrobatic-like save in the 2nd period. We, the Friars, got ourselves in a position that we wanted to be in…give La Salle a good and close game, and use that momentum to get our season on track. The memories, stories, and moments that we all took away from that memorable night are endless. It will be an event that we the players remember forever, and will always carry with us. I thank all of you that came out and supported the team; it meant a whole lot to a lot of people, including myself. I especially enjoyed the “we love Eli” chant that erupted from the student section! It was an honor and joy to share in such a memorable experience with all of you, my Malvern brothers. Kind regards and best wishes.