“BK1K” Kilpatrick Scores 1,000th Point

Marty Farell

History was made on December 21st 2011, when Brendan Kilpatrick joined the 1000 Points Club at Malvern Prep. Kilpatrick scored his thousandth point off a layup in front of a packed O’Neil Gymnasium. The Pitt (Malvern Prep Student Section) went bonkers after witnessing the first player to reach this pinnacle in ten years. When we asked Malvern Prep Senior Steve Donnelly what he thought about this historic day he replied, “I once dreamed of scoring a thousand points…and then I woke up. For Kilpatrick to do this in real life…Its amazing…I’m speechless…” Friar Nation quickly stormed the court and started a moshpit as soon as the final buzzer sounded. After the game Malvern coaching legend Rick Calvin presented Brendan with the game ball and, Brendan met his parents in the stands for a heartwarming embrace.

Also stay tuned for Gus Carlin’s quest for 100.