Friarside Chats: LaSalle

Jake Stokes

The Friars went into their matchup with the explorers 11-0 including wins against Bonner (the last time the Friar Friar matchup happened) and an overtime win against St. Joe’s prep.  The game started off withBrendan “I have a thousand points” Kilpatrick quickly quieting the maple syrup chants after two quick NBA range 3s and to cap off the first quarter a BK special Dunk.  At the end of the 1st quarter the Friars found themselves down 14-13 in a close battle.

However in the second quarter the refs seemed as though they failed to realize that it was a men’s game not a women’s game calling any physical contact a foul and the Friars could not capitalize on any free throws holding the team to just 5 points in the second quarter as LaSalle extended there lead to 27-18.

Steve “I am the young Kobe” Perpiglia and Tom “Don’t confuse me with the others, I am the IV” Pitt powered the Friars to within 7 as the third quarter ended 38-31.

The margin remained the same with a minute left in the game when the ref farthest from the ball apparently calls the fouls now not the closest as Kilpatrick fouled out of the game while Jim “I almost got T’d up” Rullo argued with the ref. At the same time 2 LaSalle players had also fouled out and another had 4 fouls.  Pitt took the game into his hands at this time getting a spectacular dunk and then intercepting the inbound pass to get a second dunk as the Friars came back to within 3 points.  Then in a scramble for the ball coach Rullo managed to use his last time out to secure possession for the Friars.  Then with 20sec left Perpiglia was fouled and sent to the line to shoot a 1&1. He managed to make the first basket but missed the second and the ball was called out against Malvern. Pitt managed to intercept the ball and Jimmy “The Jett” Gordon went to put up the game leading three, however midway into the shot he passed it to Perpiglia who was screaming his head off for the ball who made the tre to take a 56-55 lead with three seconds remaining (mind you LaSalle forced them to put time back on the clock). However even the extra time couldn’t help the explorers as they missed the buzzer beat after the inbounder for LaSalle spent most of his time arguing with the ref and had to settle for a mediocre inbound pass. Unfortunately the only two students to celebrate the victory were Jake “Future Cameron Crazie” Stokes and Matt “H2PH” Abbott.