PROM: Purchasing Regrettable Overpriced Memories or the Greatest Night of Your Life?

PROM: Purchasing Regrettable Overpriced Memories or the Greatest Night of Your Life?

Matt Magargee

Girls frantically scurrying from store to store searching for the perfect dress, guys constantly being nagged by their moms to get a tux– it sure smells like Prom Season. Being a junior, I will be attending my first prom this year. However, do not think that I am inexperienced on the subject. Heck, I bet you didn’t even know that prom is short for “promenade.” Well I knew that!

Arguably the biggest social event of the year, Prom is a definitely a big deal. It’s a coming of age tradition that symbolizes the transition from youthfulness to adulthood.  It’s a milestone event that – we are told – will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Brendan Papariello ’13 gave me his opinion on the prom experience. “I don’t hang out with many people on the weekends, I am usually home studying. But prom is a night I get to go out on the town and show my true personality, and I think a lot of people feel the same way.”

Over the past couple of weeks I have been held witness to multiple instances of people being asked to prom. These elaborate “askings” were creative, premeditated, and fun. Prom itself is fun, obviously, but the extravagant ways of asking another person or being asked make it that much better.

So how can you ask someone to the prom? Great question. Hopefully I can answer it. If you came up with a creative and unique idea and pulled it off, I guarantee you’ll find yourself your own prom queen. Definitely do not invite someone via text, or even phone call, don’t be that guy.  Be creative, be witty, and incorporate something in your invitation that pertains to the person that you are asking.

I have plenty of examples from which I hope you can draw some inspiration. You could simply write “prom?” on their car (if they drive a Mustang or similar car do not do this). You could spell “prom?” out of a tasty food such as cupcakes or cookie cake and showcase it to the person you are asking. Even a simple move such as burning a personal CD with good music for your “askee” is not a bad plan. If your “askee” is an avid Mexican food consumer, take them to Chipotle and have “prom?” written on their burrito wrapper.

All of my favorite examples include puns. A girl gave a basketball ball to a boy that had written on it: “it would be a ball if you went to prom with me.” A boy asked people to give ears of corn to a girl all day long and after school he stood at her car with a sign reading: “I know this is corny but will you go to prom with me?” If your “askee” can deal with the putrid smell of fish all day long then go ahead and plan this one out: somehow get a fish delivered to your “askee” and later that day ask her “of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?” How gosh darn cute is that?!

My advice to those of you trying to come up with creative ideas on asking another to prom is to be confident above all other things. Make it personal if you like but do not go overboard to the extent of creepiness. Add some flavor and personality, incorporate some art or music. Get flowers, get balloons, get whatever you need to make it elaborate and fun. You could take the bold and creative approach, you could take the simple and cute approach, or you could take the bland and boring approach.

Don’t take the bland and boring approach.