Editorial Changes for The Blackfriar Chronicle


The Blackfriar Chronicle is now under the prior review of the administration of Malvern Preparatory School. Any article that cites an administrator is subject to a prior review by Head of School Mr. Christian Talbot to edit, delay, or pull any story that goes out.

The alternative is administrators no longer accepting interviews from the staff of The Blackfriar Chronicle.

According to Mr. Talbot, information presented on the record during an interview may change prior to the newspaper’s publication. Some information could be damaging to the school if published.

As this is a private institution, the staff must comply with the request. We are working to the standards set by the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA), and Journalism Education Association (JEA), among others, but in addition will now act in accordance with the Malvern administration.

We would like to remind our readers of our mission statement.

The Blackfriar Chronicle and The Friar’s Lantern are the student-run publications of Malvern Prep. The principal goals of the publications are to provide accurate and relevant information to the Malvern community and to offer a forum for intelligent dialogue on all things Malvern. The reporting for these student publications is conducted thoroughly and edited by student leaders to ensure this accuracy to the best of our ability. In order to fairly provide all points of view, contributions from all members of the Malvern community are welcomed and encouraged through letters of opinion, student reporting, and respectful commentary.

We will do our best to uphold this mission statement under the new policy.