Malvern hosts SAVI 2013

MP Salinas

Malvern prep successfully hosted the 4th annual Student Augustinian Values Institute (SAVI) this past weekend. SAVI was based off of the Augustinian Values Institute where adult members of Augustinian institutes from all over North America come together for a weekend convention to explore the core values of unitas, caritas, and veritas and demonstrate methods of manifesting such values in their respective institutions. SAVI is the same thing, except the vast majority of attendees are comprised of students from Augustinian high schools in North America accompanied by no more than 2 adult proctors.

Schools from California, Oklahoma, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and a couple of international schools from Canada were all present on Malvern’s campus this past weekend. Here they experienced presentations on the core values and were given time to reflect on each in small groups. Apart from sharing information, the SAVI group also participated in community service and were treated to a Philadelphia Union Game.

Here is what some of the Malvern SAVI participants had to say about their unique experiences;

“SAVI was an unforgettable experience for me and I’ve personally taken so much from it. Even though it was only a couple of days, I’ve made some friendships I fully intend on keeping, whether they be within Malvern, Illinois, or Canada. I came to fully appreciate what Malvern has to offer me and acknowledge how much of a home Malvern is to me.” – Phil Daubney ’15

“SAVI truly was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had here at Malvern. Meeting all of the Augustinian schools from around the country was a great honor but also a lot of fun. Through SAVI I met some great people and
made some new friends but it really showed me how great of a school Malvern Prep is.” – Mike Milliken ’16

“SAVI was a great experience because it showed me how much I should and do appreciate Malvern. It showed me how strong the brotherhood is here and exposed me to how other schools display the Augustinian values. Finally it was great helping out the kids and making them happy on Friday.” – Nicolas Parente ‘ 15

“SAVI was a great experience. I met a lot of new kids from around the country and Canada, and made a lot of new friends. We all shared our belief in the Augustinian core values of Unitas, Veritas and Caritas . I wish i could do it again!” – Pat Coffey ’15

SAVI is privileged to sophomores and juniors at Malvern. Being an Alumnus of the program, it truly is a unique experience to share with members if other Augustinian schools.