Student Council Events Chair Candidates – 2013


The following two candidates are running for Student Council Executive Board Events Chair.

Mike Higgins

Brian Tatlow ’14

Q: What are the three most important things you would like to accomplish as a member of Malvern Student Council?
A: The three most important things that I would like to accomplish as a member of  student council are helping each student get the most out of their Malvern experience by having good activities, making sure that the events are activities that the students actually want to participate in and not just “mandatory fun days,” and creating an event that can be sustained year to year and be enjoyed by everyone in the school.

Q: What are some of your strengths and interests?
A: Some of my strenghts and interests are that I believe I am a very good communicator  with my peers and my teachers. I think that communication is a key to being a good student leader, because without it nothing can get accomplished. Also I think that I am pretty approachable, and I have no problem listening to anyone’s concerns or ideas.  Some of my interests are watching sports and learning about U.S. History.

Q: What are some of the challenges you see facing Malvern?
I think that changing the school over to the style of 21st Century learning will take a little more adjusting and could pose some challenges. Many of my classes have already incorporated some element of this into our daily lessons, but it’s difficult for teachers and students to break the routine in which we have been set for almost our entire academic careers. Although if any school can make the change, it will be Malvern, due to the excellent teachers and the motivated students.

Q: Why are you interested in running for executive board?  What does it mean to be a student leader at Malvern?
I am running for executive board to serve my fellow students by providing interesting and enjoyable activities. A student leader here at Malvern means you have to set the example for everyone in the school from the 6th graders to to your fellow seniors. It is an honor to be a part of student council, so those elected must respect the office and always be a role model for everyone in the school.  

Q: What, in your opinion, separates you from the rest of the candidates and makes you unique?
I think my outgoing personality and ablility to interact with my fellow classmates are two of my best traits. Also I make an effort to know everyone at our school, so I could give personal attention to everyone in the school.

Q: What other extracurricular activities are you a part of at Malvern?
I am the team manager for the football, basketball, and baseball teams. I am an usher for the play, a member of the stock market club, and the Treasuer of the Spanish club.

Q: What is one of the events you would like to add or improve if elected?
A: I would like to create a year long spirit event in which you would gain points for your grade by attending certain Malvern events like a football game or the play. Also, I would be interested in starting a fantasy sports club.

Matt Magargee

Dan McGlinn ’14

I am running for the executive board position of Events Chair. The Events Chair is responsible for the Prom, Spirit Week, Spirit Committee, all school dances, and for bringing new events to the school.

Q: What are the three most important things you would like to accomplish as a member of Malvern Student Council?
A: I would like to improve the student body’s interest in school events and activities and improve the events and activities themselves. I would also like to bring the entire school together in support of a common ground such as events.

Q: What are some of your strengths and interests?
A: One of my strengths that will help me be a great student leader is that I get along with every type of person. I know and get along with every student in my class. Some of my interests include sports (soccer, basketball, rugby), theatre, and music (piano, guitar, accordion).

Q: What are some of the challenges you see facing Malvern?
A: The biggest challenge I see facing Malvern and facing the position of Events Chair is uniting the student body in support of certain events. Obviously some students are just not going to be interested in certain events or activities. It will be tough, but not infeasible, to spark that support.

Q: Why are you interested in running for executive board?  What does it mean to be a student leader at Malvern?
A: I have served two years on student council and I believe I would make not only a great class leader, but a great school leader. Malvern Prep student council promotes school spirit, stimulates participation, and encourages leadership. The student leaders act as the liaison between administration and students and serve as the organized leaders of the student community.

Q: What are some ideas that you think the student body will be genuinely excited about, including anything in your speech?
A: My older brother came into the position of Events Chair with strong ideas and really improved Friar Nation and the student body’s support overall. I plan to do the same with new ideas. One of the ideas I will bring, besides improving Friar Nation, will be a shoe donation. We currently have a jeans donation and I know that Villa has a shoe donation. I believe many students at Malvern have tons of shoes lying around their house that are not worn, that would be better off recycled or given to somebody who needs them.

Q:  How has previous student council experience helped to shape you as a leader and helped to shape some of your proposed ideas?
I have served two years on student council under the leadership of Brian Swanick and Tom Pitt. Those two years have taught me so much about why I should want to improve the Malvern community. Malvern is my second home; I’m a part of the family. Improving the great standard that we hold at Malvern Prep should be a main focus for some students, for student council.

Q: What are you most excited about if you were to take office, and how could you utilize your new position as a leader to make your voice heard?
A: If I take office, I will be most excited about sparking large student sections at sports events or seeing big crowds of students going out for community service in the many opportunities that we have at Malvern Prep. I plan to get my voice heard via social media, word of mouth, posters, and announcements.

Q: Where have the ideas for most of your ideas come from, such as students, faculty, or parents, and how have you taken those ideas and molded them to help shape the Malvern community?
A: My ideas so far have come from past Malvern leaders – Swanick, Pitt, Rory Magargee – as well as other schools such as Villa Maria Academy. I have refined some ideas and applied them to the Malvern setting and they seem like they would really work out well. I’m excited to share and utilize my new ideas with the Malvern community.