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Student Spotlight: Billy McCullough

Dan McGlinn ’14

Selfie by McCullough

Pass by junior Billy McCullough in the hallway, and it’s easy to only notice his height (and his shoe size of 15), but there is much more to him than what first meets the eye. Take a few minutes to talk with him, and photography – and his love of it – is sure to come up. Billy lives and breathes through his cameras. Give him a pat down and anyone will definitely come up with at least two cameras. It’s what he’s passionate about and loves.

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to get a little glimpse through the door that leads into the life of Billy McCullough and discuss his interest in photography and work in the field.

You are clearly interested in photography and have a lot of experience in the area. What inspired you to become the photographer you are today? Any specific people?

My grandfather is a big photographer and has always supported me in my endeavors.  He has always fascinated me with his fancy cameras and crazy lenses. This inspired me to want to learn more and more about photography. My parents have also helped, and my dad was into photography for a while and has supported me. Lastly, Ms. Cantor has influenced me into loving film and the darkroom. That is where I’m at now. I love using film and am trying to try out all the film cameras and film I can get my hands on.

Do you have any memory that is imprinted in your mind when it comes to photography? Maybe a special picture, a first camera, or a scene that you wish you could have captured?

The group of pictures I submitted for the Emerging Young Artist Award at Malvern are the pictures that first opened my eyes that photography was something I am good at and really enjoy doing. Winning that award changed my life and gave me the boost of confidence I needed in order to pursue my photography. My first camera was an HP digital camera. It was pretty much a box with a really small lens and two buttons with an inch wide (at the most) LCD screen on the back! But this camera is the one that started it all and I took pictures of everything with it.

Any words of advice for people looking to become more involved with photography, dealing both with classes and/or outside of school?

I believe film is the best place to start. You can really understand photography without having experience with film. Even though most people see film as lame or outdated; it allows you to completely understand how the camera works and functions. This greatly improves your photography skills and will help you take stunning digital photographs when needed.  Also, photography is something that should be taken seriously but not too seriously. It is definitely a form of art and should be treated that way. But on the other hand, you should have fun, shoot first and then think, experience the unpredictable, and experiment on a daily basis.

What are you most looking forward to for senior year?

I am really looking forward to further expanding my photography skills and experimenting more with the darkroom and film while I still have it. I want to get more involved with the school and shooting school events and activities.

Billy, now a veteran Photo student here at Malvern, recently showcased his work in the Spring Arts Festival.  Find him on the benches in the Duffy Lobby to see more!

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